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Thanks to everyone who commented on the community workshops I'm doing. Hanno and I will be work out what we can do and I'll post about that on Sunday.  I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

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"Cooking is a politician act." - Michael Pollan on his new book Cooked - A Natural History of Transformation

A conversation with David Holmgren on Radio National - audio file

Samuel Alexander from the Simplicity Institute has written a book of fiction about the catastrophic collapse of society and the rebuilding of it using a simple sustainable model. Titled Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation, it's available in print and Kindle versions. More info here.


Cassandra @ stitchandsewcreates

Jusmom1 @ UggaBear Cottage

Margo @ Thrift at Home


  1. Thanks for the link on mending knitting. I read it with interest because I have a couple of things I need to repair. I've been meaning to ask you though, do you know how to darn? That link suggested I re-knit the toe but as an inexperienced knitter I'd rather darn it. The socks took me so long to knit that I don't want to risk undoing them. I have Nana's darning mushroom but don't know where to start. I'd love you to do a post on darning!

  2. Thank you for the recommended reading...I will be checking out cooking as a political act.


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