10 May 2012

What's on your needles?

I'm sure most knitters would agree, there is a special thrill in starting a new knitting project. I really love making baby clothes - not only to give to my precious grandsons, but baby projects are small, so they're quick and easy. (And then I get to start more projects.) At the moment I'm knitting for two soon-to-be babies in my life. Tricia's son Danny and his partner Laura are expecting their first baby later in the year, and my wonderful Penguin editor and good friend Jo Rosenberg and her husband Eli are awaiting their first baby in August. So along with Jamie and Alexander, I have no shortage of babies to knit for. Luckily I have a huge stash of Ecoyarns too so it's smiles all around.

This is my knitting at the neighbourhood centre during the week. I haul it around in this very handy recycled bread flour bag. It keeps everything together and clean.

One of the benefits of knitting is that you don't need much equipment. Just a pattern, a pair of needles and yarn will get you going. Later on you can add different sized needles, a needle gauge and some patterns, but there are so many excellent free patterns online, you don't really need to buy any. I have a bag to take my knitting with me when I go out, but that's just an old bread flour bag. However, I have just bought a wool winder. I saw it at an antique and collectables shop when I was out with Tricia. I looked at it, thought of all the skeins of wools I had a home but walked out without it. The next day, after realising I had never seen a wool winder in a shop before, I went back to the shop on my way home and asked about it. It had come from a local home when the lady died. I haggled, got a discount and walked out with it under my arm. I've wound two skeins so far and it's wonderful. I'm so pleased to have it.

The old wool winder. It's probably from the 1920 or 30s. I have it loaded with a skein of cotton above.  And below, the ball of cotton wound from the skein and the winder closed up for storage.

Above: A little matching hat and slip scarf combo for one of the babies.

Below: My current project - a newborn cardigan in organic cotton.

I've finished one hat and matching slip scarf in organic cotton and am now working on an apricot organic cotton newborn plain cardigan, the free pattern is from Pickles. I hope to have it finished in the weekend. I want to do up a pair of arm warmers for me for winter and a set of dishcloths for a friend. And for those who have been reading here for a while, I still haven't finished Hanno winter jumper from two year ago, although I've done the front and back and only have the arms to do now. That will be finished off before I do too many other things. Poor Hanno, maybe I should move him up the list.

What do you have on your needles at the moment?

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