4 May 2012

Weekend reading - UPDATED

Kathy sent me the link to this during the week. It's an excellent online magazine called Seeing the Every day. Thanks Kathy!

This plain cardigan is another fine Pickles baby pattern. I'm knitting it at the moment for one of our new end of year babies.

For anyone interested in working with wood of any kind, check this out.

I met Cath a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to talk at the Permaculture Noosa meeting. Her website, Soil to Supper has a lot of valuable information about food gardening.

If you love jam doughnuts - the ones we call Berliners - go no further. Here is your recipe.

Another excellent fact sheet about commercial insect sprays by Annette McFarlane.

This is Brenda's blog, Nest Bliss. Brenda shares her life along with patterns, recipes and some lovely photos of real life being lived.

This blog will charm you. It's Christina Lowry's A Little Bird Told Me. And I love Christina's Ten Things I've Learnt About Knitting. It's spot on.

Now that the weather is turning from warmish to cool, I'm taking the time to knit. It's always a wonderful time of year, my favourite. Thank you for your visits during the week. I hope you enjoy the weekend.

I wrote today and recently that I'm knitting for new babies at the end of the year. My sister Tricia is visiting at the moment and she and I are like two chattering old birds clicking away on our needles here. It's really lovely to be knitting with my sister. Anyhow, I've had a few comments and emails asking if these babies are new grandchildren. Well, I think you know me well enough by now to know that if it were, I'd be shouting it out. But this babies are very close to me nonetheless. My much loved nephew, Daniel, and his partner Laura, are expecting their first child later in the year. And that means that Tricia is becoming a grandmother for the first time. The other baby will be the first child of my Penguin editor, Jo and her husband Eli, due in August. Luckily, I just received a large and beautiful order from Vivian at EcoYarns. I'll show you next week but it's all organic cottons and wools that will knit up nicely for these two young families and their babies. Just thinking about it makes me smile. :- )
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