2 May 2012

What are you doing today?

I think we'd all agree that written words play a very important role in our lives. I blog almost every day and write every day. As well as the computer writing there is handwriting, and I still love to write by hand, and many of you, but not me, are texting. I have texted once (even the words relating to texting sound wrong to me). When I did, I felt like a monkey trying to write a Shakespearean play. One was enough, I quit and won't text again. Nevertheless, words and their meanings play a big part in my life - some sentences stay with me long after their reading. I particularly enjoy words about productive work.

The other day, Gail wrote this as part of her comment: "Today after i have finished my basic housework, I'll be sitting at my sewing machine making an apron and edging some old towels that I will cut up for cleaning cloths. I think of you and the other ladies who comment often as I go about my day and wonder what you are all doing."

I felt all warm and smily when I read those words; Gail reached out and connected to me in a real sense. Later in the day, when I was in a really boring meeting, my mind wandered back to Gail and I pictured her, cutting up old towels and working away on her sewing machine. I wondered what other regulars and newbies were doing too and decided that today, I'd write a post to find out what an average day looks like in your home or work place. I find it quite fascinating that while I'm sleeping, others are ironing or taking children to school and when I'm baking or washing up in the morning, others are piecing together a quilt in the fading light of day. Over on the forum, Rose sometimes starts a thread asking what members are doing over a 24 hour period. That is what this is about today.

Please join in if you have time, even if you don't usually comment. Let's build up a written package of our days from Norway to New Zealand, and every place in between. Add the time you're writing and what the weather is like and, of course, anything else you can - be it what you think is dull or what anyone would think is exciting. I will love all the "dull" and ordinary things. :- )

Wednesday - 5am. It's 17C and raining lightly.

Today I'll make breakfast, feed the cat and chickens, let the chooks out to roam. Then wash up and clean the kitchen, tidy up the lounge room, put some washing on, get some bread on the go and make our bed and the one in the guest room.

At 9.45am I'll drive over to the coast to pick up my sister from the airport and bringing her back home. No doubt we'll talk a leg off an iron bed, we'll drink tea and talk some more. We'll have lunch with Hanno when the bread is ready, I'll wash up and put on a pot of pea and ham soup for our tea. Later, we'll um, talk, and I'll do some knitting. She usually brings some hand work with her, often it's sewing, so I guess she'll work on that while I knit. I'm knitting baby woollies again.

Late in the afternoon, I'll start on tomorrow's blog and work out what I'll talk about at a function we're going to on the weekend. It's The Planting - part of the Woodford Folk Festival and we three have been invited along to be part of it.

So what are you doing today?

I'll be signing books at the Collins bookshop at Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore this Saturday from 10am - 12 md. Come along and say hello if you're close by.
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