30 May 2012

Babies and books

I need your help. A lovely couple I know, good friends of mine who live in Melbourne, are about to have their first baby. They wholeheartedly share our values and are preparing for the baby's arrival and life thereafter with a frugal and eco mindset. Can you help us with the following questions?
  1. Where are the best places in Melbourne for new parents to shop for environmentally-friendly baby needs that suit a low budget?
  2. What are the best online eco-friendly baby shops for things like cot sheets, towels and washers? They would love organic but price is a factor.
  3. And these two from Jo herself: There’s so much people say you ‘must have’ for your baby, it’s overwhelming how much stuff I’ve already acquired (almost all of it second hand, thankfully). Surely it’s not all completely necessary? So I guess I’d like to know what people were told they needed but found they didn’t actually need.
  4.  I’d also like advice on the best nappies, slings, and any other hot tips that your readers want to share.
Thank you for taking the time to help. 
My DIL Sarndra has been making the most wonderful and unique baby clothes. She started off making these clothes for Alex and it's lead to her setting up a little business sewing for other babies as well.  You can see what she's doing on her Facebook page - Bluebell Alexander. If you like what Sarndra is doing, please "like" her page. And yes, that is my beautiful grandson Alex below modelling the outfit described under the photos.

I'll let Sarndra explain: This is my little set that will be in an auction held by Hraani Handmade to raise money for the Starlight foundation, from June 10th. I hope someone out there loves this set as much as I do and raises some money for a great cause!! 

Vintage cotton vest lined, with gorgeous cotton crochet back; and matching fine cord flares with flat front and elasticised back, size 0 - 1 (my bub is 11 months and fits him with room to grow). Flares have generous hem that can be let down when the little legs grow longer at around 1 yr old. Soft and slightly stretchy cord, which is easy to crawl in. This was made to be a girls set but I quite like it on my Alex too! (The long sleeve onesie is not included.)

If you don't have time to make clothes for a baby you love, do the next best thing and buy from someone who runs an at home business and who cares about the quality of their products.  

I was very pleased to be told a couple of days ago that I'm on this bestsellers' list. It's quite a surprise but I suppose all the good work put into publicity by Dianne at Penguin is paying off, and there also seems to be a strong element of 'word of mouth' advertising happening.

Can I ask a favour of you if you have the time for it. If you've read my book, could you go online and do an honest review? The link to do that is here or here, or wherever you bought it online  Thank you. :- )

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