Two great blogs

2 July 2011
These are two wonderful Australian blogs I'm reading all the time now. They're similar, but different, and very motivating. If you have some spare time this weekend, pay them a visit, you won't be disappointed.

First there is Christine at Slow Living Essentials. Check out her excellent sour dough. And Karen at Gooseberry Jam is writing about peanuts but if you look at her Plain Cake recipe at the bottom of her page, well, I'm no CWA baking judge but I think that cake has the perfect crumb.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  1. Just discovered Gooseberry Jam - lovely site !
    Thanks again for sharing these great links Rhonda Jean :)

  2. Good recommendations indeed, I follow both and gain knowledge all the time and they are really lovely down to earth ladies.

  3. These are 2 of my favourites too. Have you tried the yoghurt gozlemes from Slow Living Essentials?Wonderful.

  4. I read both too and noticed the plain cake recipe, as we call it in our house too...I think it must be an oldie as it was my granny's cake recipe and she used to own a 'tea house' in the Adelaide will never taste a cream cake (fairy cake) as good as those made with that recipe!
    I made your coffee cake last night Rhonda,turned out beautifully...I love sharing a good recipe that is not fiddly and just 'plain' good...x Suzanne

  5. I'm a big fan of Slow Living Essentials. But I haven't heard of Gooseberry Jam! Thanks for the recommendation:)

  6. Miss Rhonda, I Love You, have a great week-end hugs...Espy

  7. Many thanks for linking over to my Blog today Rhonda, It's nice to be able to share... :)

  8. I will have to check these out...I know that you only send us to the best...


  9. can we have an update on the vinegar making? I started along with you and it's still going. I think mine is turning into wine by the smell of it! How long's it supposed to take?

  10. Many thanks, Rhonda. I hope you are having a gorgeous weekend! xx

  11. Hello Rhonda!
    Just wanted to let you know that I have just made chicken stock using leftover roast chiken from last night's dinner, rather than tossing the carcass as I would usually have done. I remembered reading that a few months ago on your blog.

    Also, I have been trying to learn to crotchet this last few days and have been soooo frustrated! It is very difficult indeed to decipher the instructions after the simplicity of knitting. HA! THen I remembered that a year ago I was trying to decipher knitting instructions and now I am a competent knitter, making baby clothes, dishcloths and many toys for my 4yr old son. I CAN conquer this.

    Thanks for your inspiration :)


  12. Sue, I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I'd stopped my vinegar because it was too cold here. I'll start again when it's warmer. The only way of knowing if you've got vinegar is to taste it. It can go through a wine-like stage but you'll have to taste it.

    Mim, I'm the same with crochet. It annoys me no end that I can't just pick it up and be as fast as I am with my knitting. Oh well, I guess it's been sent to slow me down a bit.

  13. Thank you for the new sites. I saw several things featured I was wondering how to do. These sights reinforce the lessons you are teaching here. It is so exciting to see many families all embracing 'the good life'. Sarah


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