6 July 2011

Jamie's 100 days - part two

We celebrated Jamie's 100th day on Monday with the family gathering at Kerry and Sunny's home. The Korean name for this 100th day is baegil. Sunny, who is also a chef, cooked a traditional Korean meal for us and looked as cool as a cucumber after cooking all day, housekeeping and looking after Jamie, who has decided he will only sleep for 20 minute intervals during the day now.

Shane and Sarndra came along too and we sat down to a meal fit for kings and queens. Sunny made (I won't attempt to spell the Korean names because I know I won't get them right) BBQ beef and noodles, tofu parcels with vegetables, kimchee, rice paper rolls with prawns and vegetables, glass noodles and vegetables and a plate of fried zucchini rings coated with egg, little thin and folded omelettes, and little pieces of fish, coated and fried with a sesame leaf. Afterwards we had Sunny's rice cake and some peanut, pistachio, coconut rice balls with red bean that Sarndra and Shane brought along. All delicious! 

I love those traditions that celebrate special family milestones and I wish we had a few more of our own here in Australia.

As most of you know, Sarndra and Shane are expecting their first baby any day now. This is such a wonderful time for our family. Not only do we have the cute and giggling Jamie in all his sweetness, and Sunny and Kerry who are the most excellent and calm parents, we also have another surprise packet waiting in the wings.  Another little boy that we will love and cherish and watch grow, and who will turn his parents into a caring and proud mother and father.

I have to tell you that when I retired, I didn't give grandmothering much thought. Our sons showed no signs of settling down, and then kaboom! two babies close together. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love my sons, but now their own families are cocooned inside that love as well. I'm delighted Sunny and Kerry are such loving and gentle parents. Every time I see them together, caring for their son, it's like a gift to me. And now, I can hardly wait for a new baby to arrive. His parents are SO prepared for him, and he too will be born into a family who really love him and want the best for him. There is no greater gift a child can have than loving parents who want him to have a good life; nothing else comes close to that.

Happy 100th day, Jamie! We wish you continued love, happiness and many more cheeky smiles.


 This is Kerry lighting the candles on the cake, with Sunny and Jamie.

And Uncle Shane with Jamie.
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