26 July 2011

RIP Margaret

I am really sad to relay this news - our beloved artist Margaret Olley died today. She was 88 years old. Margaret was my favourite artist and one of my favourite people, even though I had never met her. We have a large print of her Cornflowers hanging in our kitchen. I named a couple of my chooks after her, and I think she would have loved that. I wrote about Margaret here. Here is some of her work. Today is a sad day for me.

RIP Margaret.


  1. aah Rhonda, no words to "make it better", enjoy your memories and know that she will live in on her truly beautiful paintings and the hearts of those who loved her.

    Much Love

  2. Thank you for introducing me to an otherwise unknown artist. I can see why her domestic interiors have such appeal. There is something of Bloomsbury`s Vanessa Bell about her subject matter and her style. Beautiful.

    It is always sad when someone with such talent dies. This week, Lucien Freud died in England. A very different kind of artist, but still one who told the world as he saw it, and with great skill.

  3. If I could only ever afford one good painting I would buy a Margaret Olley. I love her work. Very sad.


  4. Huge hugs, so sad to have someone you love move on - but so wonderful that you loved her so much and that she has left beautiful art behind to carry her spirit forth. HUGE HUGS x

  5. As someone with a tiny involvement in the Australian art world I can attest that Ms Olley was a much loved member of the community and an incredible mentor to many artists. Her mentor-ship to Ben Quilty (Archibald 2011) was particularly outstanding, as was her generosity to regional art galleries as well as those in capital cities.

    Vail Margaret.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. How precious that you have one of her prints. I'll be thinking of you today....thoughts and prayers for her family as well.

  7. Margaret Olley will be missed! She had a wonderful style. RIP Margaret.

  8. What lovely paintings! They remind me of Carl Larsson and also Gari Melchers, both of whom painted beautiful paintings of homes and seemed to celebrate the beauty of the domestic.


  9. I am sorry for your sadness at losing someone so special. I hope today finds you reflecting on her work and life as well as its influence on your own. Her art is amazing! Thanks for bring her gifts to my attention.

  10. I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you especially enjoy your picture today & that you smile when you look upon it.

    Blessings from Ohio/USA, Kim~

  11. Dear Rhonda, so sorry to hear this. She looked like a lovely, colourful lady and her work is fantastic.
    I can imagine, this is a very sad day for you.

  12. I'm so sorry for you Rhonda. Loosing someone dear always hurts but the memories will always be there and all of her beautifull paintings for everybody to admire.
    Hug, Gerry

  13. I think she was a very colourful soul, on and off the canvas. RIP dear lady.

  14. WOW, she was so talented!! This is the hard part of this life...it is simply too short!! I hope you will feel comforted soon. How lovely that she left so much of herself behind however.

  15. She is beautiful, isn't she.



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