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I'm thinking I might juice these lemons on the weekend. It's part of our yearly juice harvest; the juice from these lemons will go into plastic bottles and will be frozen for later in the year. Then it will be made into summer cordials and used in cooking. We generally leave the lemons to sit on the back table for a week or so which results in a lot more juice.


  1. Do you preserve the zest? Howard has been wanting to try crystalising orange or lemon peel. Especially since he tried some chocolate coated Seville orange peel at the Grow Your Own show in May.

    I'd be particularly interested in knowing if it was possible to store grated zest long term, so I could do a whole batch, then add a spoonful as required.

  2. Blue shed, I don't preserve the zest as we have lemons growing most of the year and I use fresh zest. I think it would be possible to do it though. I doubt the citrus oil in the zest would be destroyed by freezing. Why don't you do a small test batch and she what happens.

  3. I grate orange zest from each orange we eat and store it in the freezer and then just break off a little chunk when needed for a recipe. It keeps just fine in a small jar or container with a tight-fitting lid. I'm sure it would work just as well for lemons or limes.

  4. It's wonderful you can grow citrus. I would love to do that, but it's much too cold here in The Netherlands. I don't have a green house either. I do have an apple tree ; )
    Have a great day.

  5. All I have going is raspberries right now, Rhonda. Picking a pint or two each evening when I come home and into the freezer they go til jam-making time some Saturday.

    Spinach has gone to seed...tomatoes are at a standstill unless we get some sun. It's been a very wet and chilly spring and early summer here in the Pacific NW USA. --Kay


  6. My first thought about your post was "fresh lemonade" as here in Michigan we've had plenty of 90+ degree days, Severe Storms, and No Electrical Power...However, we're prepared for such events..Please Read:
    On My Mind:

  7. Lemons are wonderful...for cooking, for drinking..using in cleaning supply recipes ;) :) Just love lemons ;) :) My dad especially likes to put some fresh lemon down the kitchen sink gargabe disposal. It makes everything smell nicer :) :) Have a lovely day, Rhonda. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  8. With all those lemons, I would be drying some peel for pot-pourri, adding some peel to a jar of vinegar for citrus cleaner, juicing for a myriad of recipes, and also preserving some lemon wedges in salt too....I love my preserved lemons......
    I love lemons....looks like you do too..
    Enjoy your time with your family.

  9. My little boys picked the lemons off our tree the other day (GRRR!!!) so I really need to get in and juice them and make some lemonade and lemon butter.

  10. It's so hot here in North Carolina that a good lemonade sounds perfect!

    But here is what's on my mind...


    Thanks Rhonda for letting share our thought. Have a lovely weekend all!


  11. I made lemonade today but unfortunately I had to use the bottled juice from the grocery store...you are lucky to have your own tree. I've learned so much from reading your blog and others. What I've learned and want to learn is what's on my mind...

  12. Hi Rhonda
    I am going to do likewise with my lemons, thanks for the tip on leaving them on the back table for a week, likewise I have lemons nearly all year round. What's on my mind today is a strange object my husband purchase this week. I wonder can anyone give a suggestion as to what it might be. Take 5 minutes and have some fun. Next week I will post my husband demonstrating it's use. Hint It's kind of a kitchen item.

  13. Like you Rhonda, I am lucky to be able to grow lemons. I only have a small tree but it obligingly seems to have a ripe lemon or two on it all year round.

    I have also found that whole lemons can stand being frozen and then thawed to use as normal.


  14. Great minds think alike Rhonda! My "on my mind" is about juicing limes for cordial. Yours was one of the recipes I looked up too.
    Have a great weekend.


  15. My husband and I have taken our first baby steps towards 'urban gardening' by installing a mini-garden on our balcony! Hopefully, we'll grow tomatoes, peppers, radishes, basil, beets, rosemary and more.

    Follow our journey here (and feel free to give feedback - this is very new to us!):


    This Good Life

  16. We use your cordial recipe all the time now.

    I'm thinking about sourdough starter. http://greeningtherose.blogspot.com/2011/07/on-my-mind_15.html

  17. My son and I made lemonade yesterday with some lemons we were given (our trees are not producing yet). Good idea to freeze the juice, must collect some plastic bottles to do same.
    Best wishes Bridget

  18. I'm joining in again today:


  19. Tarragon is on my mind at present We have 2 types growing at present French Tarragon and Mexican Tarragon http://wangigardenjournal.blogspot.com/2011/07/tarragon.html

  20. Hi Rhonda :)
    I'm linking up today too. The post I have shared has been on my mind alot lately! It's about what I think the benefits are of cleaning and having a schedule for that. My link is: http://homeschoolingmamalusi.blogspot.com/2011/07/family-planner-folder-challenge-4.html
    Those lemons look great! Our tree has really suffered this year and I'm not sure why. I LOVE making lemon leaf tea. My grandma in Fiji makes it daily. I just pick about 12 leaves, wash them thoroughly and stick them in a pot of cold water. Bring it to the boil and let it cool a little and you have a refreshing lemon leaf tea - so yummy!
    Much love,
    Lusi x

  21. Morning Rhonda. What a lovely crop of lemons you have there. I'd be going crazy with them too. Would love a lemon tree. Amazing how much they can be used for so many things. Hope you've got an electric juicer? LOL

    I've got a little 'hunka burning love' in my little boy with a high temp so that's on my mind today, trying to keep him quiet and get him well again.

    Have a great weekend! Looks like it's going to be a wet one.


    Anne @ Domesblissity

  22. On my mind today is money, some people's stupid attitudes to it!


  23. I cut up lemons in my water bottle for a change :)
    On my mind today is shopping,

  24. MMMmmm.... Lemonade! On my mind....http://lifeforus.blogspot.com/2011/07/favorite-sewing-tool-and-potholders-are.html

  25. I have lots of lemons at the moment, and I am definitely going to mak lemonade with my daughter. Cooking and family memories is what is on my mind.


  26. Fancy that, I posted about oranges and what to do with them today!

    I just made a lemon sour cream cake the other night, mmmm, hubby said just the right amount of tang!


  27. Hello, I remember when time seemed slower and mum made homemade lemonade,what a treat on a hot summers day!! Enjoy your Day x


  28. I can't even imagine year round citrus! What a beautiful treat...

    Blessings, Debbie

  29. I've been thinking about knitting projects lately. I intended on one project, had a mishap with an unproperly wound skein of yarn, and found inspiration for another project entirely by accident ;) :) Oh, and a fine treat to enjoy, in order to recover from yarn mishaps ;) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


  30. What has happened to "Blissfully organised"? I keep getting Blog is now finished? Is this true?
    I was so looking forward to hearing all Sarndra and Shane's news.

  31. Hi Rhonda, I can't find blissfully organised blog, it says it has been removed, have been looking for a baby update.... is everything ok?

  32. Wow, I never knew leaving lemons for a few days could increase the amount of juice you get out - I did know to roll them on the bench before juicing.

    On my mind: homemade musli bars


  33. On my mind this week is also about garden produce...for the first time ever, I've planted 'seed potatoes'

  34. Hi Rhonda, Have you ever preserved the whole lemon? Its a very cheap and simple process and the end result is a luxury ingredient. Ive seen them sold in my local shops for $9.80 AUD for 1 and a half lemons squeezed into a little jar. They are so useful preserved and keep a long time.Best to use thick skinned lemons. Im making up a batch tomorrow to use as future gifts. happy to email you some recipes/method if you like.Julia

  35. Lovely lemons! I wish we could grow them here in Michigan...hmmm, maybe in the house. I use them for cleaning a lot.

    On my mind this week, a storm, a tree, and my roof.


  36. I've been thinking about buying one of those dwarf lemon trees and orange trees for my large master bath because I love them but they would never survive outside here.

    On my mind in my garden which got a very late start. http://ibicycle.blogspot.com/2011/07/peas-get-to-climb.html

  37. My mouth waters just looking at those lemons!

    Here's what's on my mind - the importance of those old friends, who just let you be yourself...



  38. I love to freeze our lemon juice in ice cube trays. Each compartment holds about 1 T of juice. After they are frozen, I keep them in a ziplock freezer bag. Whenever lemon is needed, it is easy to obtain.

  39. oh, how I wish we had a lemon tree in our yard...so thrilled for you! I had lemonade in mind myself, as well as cucumber spread:


  40. hahahaha! did you see this Rhonda? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/attempt-to-catch-a-shark-during-live-broadcast-on-australian-tv-takes-unexpected-turn/

  41. Out of all the trees we have, we do not have lemon. It's next on my list!

    Here is my post for "on my mind"

  42. I stumbled upon your blog by accident and have enjoyed it so much. My lemon tree is just getting started and hopeful I'll get some next year. We are retired and looking for ways to cut back in our household. Homemade laundry detergent and dish soap, dog treats, and yogurt are things I have done to name a few. I really want to start bread making and I already have a garden. I am always very excited to see what you are going to share next. Thanks, from Teresa a southern Alabama girl.

  43. mmmm..your post makes me think about making some homemade lemonade. That would really be refreshing with the heat we've had here! Also on my mind is sewing with my grandma's machine which she gave to me. I feel lucky to have something of such good quality that has lasted for years and probably will last for years more.

  44. Hi Julia, thank you but we don't like preserved lemons.

    Helen and Anon, Shane, Sarndra and Alexander are all fine. Sarndra is not blogging at the moment and has taken down her blog.

  45. What a great idea to do picture Friday! I love it! I have been making a lot of lemonade lately because life has been handing me a ton of lemons but I am happy to drink lemonade!
    Thanks for the great ideas that you have I have been enjoying reading and learning a lot!


  46. Thanks for updating us about Sarndra's blog Rhonda. I was a regular reader who was a little worried.

  47. I love lemons! I have a meyer lemon tree and another variety that is very thick skinned. Some of them are lumpy and bumpy. I was frustrated that I didn't get much juice from the second tree, but if I leave the lemons for a week, it's such a difference! Thanks for this tip. I just used a couple of my lemons on a big bowl of sliced fresh peaches. They are organic, and were starting to get bruised and go bad. Your food storage tips are really helping me. Last year I sold some of my lemons, and regretted it. I had to buy them at the store later in the year. This year I've been more organized and careful. I have frozen the juice and may freeze a few whole. I love them in lemon sorbet, too! The flavor is so much better when you make it yourself.

  48. What a sweet idea. And I'm loving the lemons!

    Here's my photo: http://maehegirl.blogspot.com/2011/07/wordless-friday.html

  49. We grow lemons too, I love the imperfect natural looking rind like yours (unlike the supermarket fruit). Well done.


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