29 July 2011

On my mind ...

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Kerry and Jamie.

I'm still thinking about yesterday. We travelled down to the Gold Coast to visit the family and naturally saw Jamie and Alexander again. Everyone is fine and it was good to catch up with them again. The main reason for our visit was that my boys, Shane and Kerry, just celebrated their birthdays. Shane turned 31 just after Alexander was born and Kerry turned 30 this week. I made an apple cake for Shane and a coffee cake for Kerry.  It is really wonderful to see them both as proud and very involved fathers of their own sons.


  1. Wow how babies grow so fast! Looks like he will be sitting up in no time. I also can't believe your boys are already hitting 30ish. You are a young looking grandma.

    Today I have taken a lead from Rhonda and finally opened the pages of my blog to include a small business of selling fine sewn items I have made. Come see....http://theheritagefarmgirl.blogspot.com/2011/07/new-changes.html

  2. On my mind is knowing when the right time will be to say goodbye to my faithful 20 year old cat.
    Thanks for sharing Rhonda.

  3. What a beautiful bubba! It's nice you see them so often.

    On my mind is nothing profound. It's coffee!http://www.greenhavengoodlife.blogspot.com/

  4. What a lovely photograph.

    On my mind is the life in my garden. It is so much quieter where we live now,and we are benefiting from seeing the visitors and inhabitants of our garden.


  5. Jamie is such a gorgeous baby isn't he? Very cute and very squishable :) What a lucky family you are to have two lovely babies at once but I was a little concerned at the ages of your own boys 30 and 31! Oh my....2 babies under one..you must have been a very busy mother in those early years. Chrissy

  6. Congratulations with your son's birthdays !! The cakes sound wonderful, I can imagine you had a wonderful day and delicious things to eat with your tea ; )
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Just like gardening, you are growing a family.
    Family and canning for the family is providing all that is needed to grow and make everyone healthy.
    Canning is on my mind now and is starting, I need to have enough to get us through the winter here in Nebraska.

  8. Your grandson is beautiful and I hope you find as much joy in him as I do my three grandchildren...they truly are a blessing!

    Everyday I find things on the farm that make me smile and this morning was no different. A better part of my day I spent looking around and seeing so many things that make me happy that my heart was just singing today...that what was on mind today!

    Tracy - South Carolina, USA

  9. On my mind is...waiting for my homemade soap to cure...I gave it a go this week! I forgot that it needs to harden, and I was a little disappointed the next day when I remembered that it will take time to set before I can use it, I was so excited I wanted to use it right away! I will lovingly tend to it in the meantime :)


  10. I love that you are now a grandmother. I cannot believe I have been reading your blog since late 07...

    Today was my slow day and I am working on a braided rug http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com/2011/07/on-table.html

    Thanks Rhonda for sharing a window into your life, your family and your path to a simple life...you have been a blessing to me.


  11. My goodness how big is Jamie getting. What a lovely photo of the two "boys". Happy birthday to both your sons.

    On my mind today is Jonquils. A bright splash of colour in the midst of winter.

  12. Happy Birthday to Shane and Kerry! How beautiful is your grandson!!

    Today, I went out in the cold morning and took a photo of a couple of trees outside my backyard that give me so much joy.


    I hope you are well!

  13. I am having a problem with my cats...HELP!!!


  14. Like everyone has said, wow, he is certainly growing fast!

    Nothing very exciting for me, but this is whats on my mind ...


    Have a lovely weekend :)

  15. A late happy birthday to the middle generation Hetzel boys. :)

  16. I am joining in again remembering my dear Dad who passed away in March.


  17. They grow SO fast, don't they, Rhonda! It's truly amazing.

    This week I have been thinking a lot about what my thought patterns are when I think I'm not really thinking about anything! --Kay


  18. Cupcakes anyone?

  19. I just love your "On my mind" posts. It pops up for me on Thursday afternoon in the US. It's such a nice reminder that Friday is just around the corner. Thanks.

  20. What a wonderful Father/Son photo; thanks for sharing. Stealing little bits of time to get a task accomplished...

  21. On my mind is the start of my summer project: a personal energy audit.


  22. We call our Grandchildren not only GRANDS but squishies! Don't you just love to hug and kiss and kinda squish those precious babies?
    On My Mind: http://blessingtheelements-mi.blogspot.com/2011/07/on-my-mindmoving-forward-to.html
    blessings from a wildflower

  23. Love the photo Rhonda! On my mind today is my latest knitting project.

  24. I am thinking babies too - but I'm still at the 'getting ready' stage. I'm quite enjoying sewing for babies again - it's been a while!


  25. Happy Birthday to both the boys!

    I am glad that you are getting to spend time with your grandbabies Rhonda, they do grow so fast...

    Here is what is on my mind today


  26. I don't doubt he would still be on your mind Rhonda, he is gorgeous and growing so fast....
    On my mind.....

  27. Nothing better than Birthday cake :)
    On my mind today is school lunchs.

  28. What a nice picture and a lovely celebration. On my mind this week is green juicing some goodies from my garden:


  29. Lovely!! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Here is what is on my mind; a sand mandala!

  30. hi rhonda,
    sweet photo!!!
    on my mind is the first harvest of blackberries.
    come see... http//reginassimplelife.blogspot.com
    greetings from germany,

  31. Happy Birthday to your sons. I am thinking about the water lilies growing in my pond. They would make a nice birthday bouquet. http://www.happyhollowfarm.com/

  32. Hi Rhonda, ooking at Jamie he reminds me of my own children when they were that age. We are from Indonesia but I've some German and British blood running through my veins.The boys are grown up now and one of them is a father of twins now, my identical granddaughters....
    I have been looking for a certain recipe for eggplant but can't find it. It was a while ago that you found this beautifull "left over" eggplant in your garden and you added a wonderful recipe to it. I can't find it!!!
    Hug, Gerry from France

  33. On My Mind -- Family
    I see, we have 5 children and two are about the same age as your boys, a girl, 33 and a boy, 32 this year. Said often, where has the time gone, but today is so sweet with the fruit of the labor.

    is where you'll find us.

  34. Wow! Jamie is growing so fast! Look at those beautiful cheeks! Enjoy every minute!

  35. Jamie is growing very quickly...he's soooo gorgeous
    The beautiful Australian kookaburra was on my mind this morning as I heard them laughing nearby.

  36. You all have such lovely blogs! Thanks for sharing them. I thought I had left a post yesterday for mine but I don't see it here yet. Maybe I did something wrong???

  37. Denise, I checked the spam folder. This is the fist comment I've had from you.

  38. Thanks, Rhonda. I had tried posting yesterday but was having issues with my blog, so that's probably why I didn't see a post here.
    Modern technology. You gotta love it! :)

  39. Hi Rhonda

    It's ironic I guess that I couldn't respond on Friday, but with a busy life, taking the time to reflect sometimes has to wait for another day.

    So today's the day. Today this is how I took time out, and what's been on my mind: http://the3rdquarter.com/2011/07/31/1-minute-2sqm-of-sustainability/

    And thanks for publishing such an enjoyable blog.

    All the best



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