23 January 2008

Three gifts update

I couldn't get back to post this yesterday but I want to update on our three gifts challenges. I know there are a lot of you doing this, so how about letting us know what you've done so far and if you've found any difficulties.

Remember, it's not too late to join the challenge if you missed it first time around. The details are here.

My three gifts are:
  • stop accepting plastic shopping bags
  • stop buying water in plastic bottles
  • provide a suitable container for the smokers where I work and dispose of the cigarette butts correctly

I've taken water from home every time I've gone out and have kept my shopping tote pouch in my basket, so no plastic shopping bags are coming home with me. The cigarette butts have been emptied into the bin but as we're about to move to a new location at work, I'll make sure I set up a similar arrangement in the new building.

What have you done so far?

(I will be back soon with another post.)



  1. Delurking to say that I LOVE your blog. It makes me think, offers great natural/environmentally friendly tips and generally inspires me to do better! I don't have three gifts picked out, I will have to think on that one - Chelsi

  2. My gifts are: 1) to use glass containers for all take to school lunches, 2) to use my own cloth bags when I make purchases at the stores, 3) to plan out all trips trying to combine errand running into far fewer trips to conserve gas, 4) to recycle and reuse all fabrics and yarns into new garments if at all possible so I can buy fewer clothes, and 5) to lower my thermostat in the winter to 65F and in the summer raise it to 88 or 89F.

  3. In order to eliminate the use of paper towels in our home I've been in a dishcloth knitting rampage. I've now got so many cotton dishcloths spilling out of the draws that I decided to give two away to help others be a little greener.

    I also have knitted the first of what I imagine will be many cotton knitted market bags to help me stop accepting the plastic ones at the market.

    Only one plastic drink bottle has entered my house...oops I forgot to tell my husband the new rules!

    Our goal this summer is to keep the a/c off for the entire summer. Last year we made it until August 10! We are sure we can do it this year.

  4. Hi RJ,

    My 3 gifts are:

    1. Use Re-usable bags in the grocery store
    2. Bring a To-Go cup with me on business trips
    3. Stop drinking bottled spring water/Bring a bottle with me wherever I go.

    #2 & 3 I've done very well so far. I'll be testing them out further in about a week when I go away on business.

    #1 is a little more tricky, as my husband does most of the shopping on the way home from work. He's on board with the idea and wants to change, but we're still figuring out how to remind him to use the cloth bags when he's tired and cranky after a long day at work. I'm so embarrassed that this is even an issue for us, since we're so good at reducing in almost every other way! We'll get it down, though.

  5. Rhonda

    My three gifts are:
    1) reusable bags when shopping
    2) no more paper towels or napkins in my home
    3) disposing of batteries properly.

    1) Has been easy thus far, haven't gone shopping! But I do have a bag with me in my work tote in case I do happen to do any shopping during the day.
    2) Have 1 roll of paper towel still on the go; however, I do bring my own cloth napkin to work with me and use that instead of the paper towels and napkins. I'm sure my co-workers think I'm nuts, but c'est la vie!
    3) I do have some batteries lying around and I should put them in a tin so that I know that they're 'dead'. Need to contact the powers to be to figure out how I dispose of them properly (i.e. not out with the weekly trash)

  6. My gifts are:

    1. No plastic bags!
    2. Bring our own water in our own washable bottles.
    3. Use washed glass jars and reuseable plastic containers for lunch and storing leftovers and extras.

    I love blogs! Only in a blog can I join forces with Ladies from all around the world for a common purpose! Love your blog Rhonda.


  7. my 3 thing gifts are
    1) brought a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries.
    2) brought cloth napkins instead of paper towls.
    3)brought a thermos for cold drinks but it exploded when I filled it with cold tea so now I need to go and get a new one I am hoping that the first one will be replaced under the warranty as I have only had it a week.

  8. My gifts are
    no polystyrene
    no plastic bags
    no bottled water
    At face value, reasonably simple, but the first two I suspect may have some complications. All the plastic wrap at supermarkets, and the polystyrene on meat. I am going to have to be creative, get to know my butcher, and do some sewing of cute shopping bags.

  9. Ok, I thought about this and my three gifts are:
    (1) use mostly cloth bags at the grocery store (2) switch over bulbs in our house to compact fluorescents and (3) use only rechargeable batteries.... great challenge! - Chelsi

  10. Rhonda Jean , Thanks for all the awareness you brought to this isssue. I posted my 3 Gifts , Monday on my blog.

    1. No more plastic bags ~ cloth or reusables only.

    2. Will start making my own laundry detergent ~ no more plastic jugs to recycle or that might end up in landfill. Will also start using vinegar instead of fabric softener sheets.

    3. Pick-up litter when I can and recycle more. Buy items with less packaging , buy more recycled products and items that can be recycled.

  11. My gifts are:
    1. Use my canvas/eco bags.
    2. No bottled water
    3. Enviro-friendly/homemade cleaners

    I have been doing very well (not perfect) so far. As it becomes more and more habit, it should only get easier. Leaving my bags in the car has helped me to remember. The really neat thing is that my friend, Cathy and my sister have decided to get onboard and use eco bags as well!! This may just be contagious!!! Thanks for the inspiration Rhonda!!


  12. hello Rhondda,
    so far so good with our challenges, it will get harder as at the moment we are still using up all the plastics bags we have!!!
    see our blog for our weekly update

  13. Like reading about everyone else's choices of gifts...

    I believe every little thing we do individually adds up to bigger changes collectively.

    So far, I'm just keeping on with the 'reduce, reuse recycle' and added Rhonda's 3 gifts icon & link to my blog's sidebar.

  14. What great gifts you are all giving our planet. Thank you for joining in and doing a little extra.


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