Tea Cosy Swap

18 January 2008
I just wanted to remind all of the swappers to make sure they are in contact with their swap buddy. If anyone has a problem contacting their swap buddy please let Lorraine or myself, Sharon, know so we can work on getting the problem fixed. Don't forget that you can make your tea cosy any way you want so have fun with it! Remember that the deadline for sending your tea cosy is Feb. 8, 2008 When you receive your parcel from your swap buddy please take a photo of it and send it to me or Lorraine and we will post all of them on the blog.


  1. Rhonda,

    I have been lurking for awhile and finally decided to post. I wanted to let you know how that I read your blog just about every day. I need the reminders of what I am working towards. I have a very busy life that sometimes doesn't seem too simple,but it is the season I'm in. I have 3 children still at home, one just went off to bootcamp and the other lives on his own.We,also, are self employed and busy with other obligations. Anyway, thanks! Have a good day!

  2. Hello anon, welcome. You're right, life does have its seasons. I hope you take time out to do what pleases you whenever you can. Thanks for connecting via your comment.



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