11 January 2008

A gentle day at home

I caught up with my chores yesterday and had a free and easy day just going back and forth through the house tidying up as I went. I cherish the time I have to work at home, so as I do this and that I am thankful for the ability to work as I do.

It was a rainy day here yesterday so I hung washing under the cover of the back verandah. It took all day to dry, whereas if it's on the clothes line it's generally dry in a couple of hours. It's always a joy to see cotton sheets and aprons blowing gently in the breeze. I swept and washed the floors, baked bread, checked the vinegar, wrote some letters and sorted the vegetable seeds. It was a morning spent at a gentle pace with the sound of the rain falling on the roof. Bliss.

A few days ago I came across an old towel that was past its time, so after lunch I cut it up for rags. I keep moving my rag collection and it never seems to be in the right place so I decided to make a rag bag to hang in the laundry. I just made a large version of a peg bag with a flap at the front. The terry cloths are now hanging in the bag and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Late in the day Hanno went to pick up the mail and I was delighted to find a parcel from Dot waiting there. She sent me "Choosing Eden" to read and has kindly suggested I give the book away on my blog. So when I finish reading, I'll carry out Dot's wishes and give it to one of the regular readers here. Thank you for your generosity, Dot.

After a dinner of leftovers and fruit, I tidied up my sewing room, talked to Hanno for a while then retired to bed with Dot's book. Rain was still falling on the roof so another easygoing day at home ended perfectly - reading and falling quietly into sleep.
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