27 January 2008

The phone call

At 11.30 last night we got the phone call no parent wants to get. It was Kerry. "Mum, I rolled the car." Kerry is out west at the moment helping an Australian friend he met in Canada. They're running the kitchen at a five star resort, with their accommodation a few kilometres down the road. Kerry finished work and drove home in the company car but lost control on the unfamiliar road and rolled it. No alcohol or drugs were involved. He told me those brief details while I was still shocked and not quite awake. My first comment was "Are you okay?". He said he was, that he'd hit his head and there was a bit of blood but he felt okay. I told him to go to the hospital to be checked over and to ring straight back if there was any problem. The phone stayed silent the rest of the night. I'll call him later this morning.

I love my boys calling me when something is wrong. It doesn't happen often, but the first thing they do if things aren't quite right, is call me. They like to talk to their mum to get reassurance that all is well and to know we'll be there for them when they need us. I feel honoured to have that trust and I am ever thankful for what has been with them and what is still to come. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I felt that Kerry survived that accident. It could so easily have been different. Just a couple of weeks ago, four boys died in a car accident near there. It is another reminder to me that life is such a brief and fleeting thing, we need to really live it, appreciate the passing of each day and know we have used every hour it gives to its full and true extent.

Yesterday was Australia Day and of course I watched the test cricket on TV. Actually I had the TV on and at times sat and watched and at other times I did chores, or worked quietly in my sewing room, only going to the TV when I heard the crowd cheer. It was a quiet and gentle day full of little organising tasks I've put off for a short while.

It looks like I need to get my scissors out and cut some of those loose threads I've just seen now in the photo below. ; - )

I went through the fabric basket Tricia brought with her when she visited a few months back. I folded and sorted, thought and matched, ironed and colour coded and generally filled the time with tiny tasks that made for a lovely day dotted with pieces of cricket.

I found an old doily that I think was my mothers. Tricia sometimes reads my blog so if you're there Tricia, was this mum's? I seem to remember it being on mum's dressing table. It's a precious piece of self sewn white cotton bordered by hand made lace. There is no seam on the lace so I think it was tatted especially for the fabric. It was hand sewn onto the cotton centre and the white embroidery seems to be hand done as well. I have removed the lace because I want to use the centre piece and the lace in different parts of a quilt I'm planning.

Another small task was to find fabric to match an old cotton jumper of mine that I will cut up and make into other things; the first of these being a tea cosy. I've got the package together now so when I have the time, I'll be set to go. Having projects packaged up and ready is a great encouragement to start and I'm thankful that I have a number of these waiting for my time.

Hanno worked outside most of the day and then went to visit Jens and Cathy. We had leftovers for dinner so I have to say my day wasn't really a work day, but rather a day of fiddling around with bits and pieces and planning for times ahead.

I hope your weekend is filled with gentle pleasures. Thank you for taking the time to visit me and thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comments box.

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