12 January 2008

Tea Cosy Swap Partners

Hello swappers! The following are the swap pairings. You will notice that there are no e-mail addresses by the names (except for Sarah). All you have to do is return to the tea cosy swap announcement and find your partner and her e-mail address. This helps us keep the spammers away! There are 20 pairs so Lorraine and I are splitting the list in half. If you are among the first 10 pairs (numbered 1 to 10) you are on Sharon's list and if you have any problems or questions, please e-mail me at cdetroyes at yahoo dot com (please do not contact Rhonda). If you are among the last 10 swappers (numbered 11 to 20) you are on Lorraine's list so if you have a problem or questions just e-mail her at ma_pabarney at hotmail dot com . This should be a fun swap so e-mail your partner and enjoy making the tea cosies! At the end of the swap we will have a "Tea Cosy Parade" and also put up the last of the apron photos! Remember the deadline for the swap is Feb. 8, 2008! You can sew, quilt, crochet, knit, felt, or any combination you want, so get creative and enjoy!!

Lorraine and Sharon

1. Donna-USA and Amy USA
2. Christine and Jennie
3. Mary Strickland and Sandra
4. Renee and Jean Maples
5. Karen G and Maria in NC
6. Robbie and Sharon
7. Jacket and Liz allen
8. Mama K and Christie Rivera
9. Sharon and Rebecca
10. Ann and Lorraine
11. Maggie and Aimee
12. Kate and Leanne
13. Cynthia and Lisabob
14. Lightening and Cate
15. Billie and Ingeborg
16. Margaret and Lilymarlene
17. Judy and Liane Bastien
18. Ann UK and Sarah (her e mail is sfouilla at nmsu dot edu)
19. Leah and Denise
20. Sandratee and Pura
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