16 January 2008

7 things meme

Kate at Our Red House tagged me for the seven things meme. I'm not really good at these things but here goes.


I have two wedding rings. One I received the day I married Hanno and another he gave me on our 25th wedding anniversary. I will give one ring to both my sons when I die.

I woke Hanno up at 2am this morning to tell him there was noise coming from the chicken coop. He mumbled all the way outside, got dressed, got the torch and found nothing. I now think I was dreaming. Shhhhh, don't tell.

I'm becoming more of a hermit. I'm now doing voluntary work three days a week and I see and speak with a lot of people there, but when I'm home I don't go out and I rarely invite anyone over.

I really REALLY like blue grass music. I don't have any CDs but I sometimes search for it online.

When I was young I went to an all girls convent school. My grade 6 teacher was Sister Clothilde, who I secretly called "clotty". When she died of a stroke, I thought I'd killed her by calling her that.

I would like to grow enough raspberries to make 6 jars of jam every year. We have no raspberries growing at the moment.

When I worked as a nurse in outback Australia, we used to fly in a little plane to treat the people living on remote islands. One day as we approached an island, it was surrounded by what looked like heavy seaweed. When we talked to the people there we discovered it was a huge mass of tiger sharks.
: - )
Now I'm going to tag my 7 random people. They are:
the mysterious wildside
robin in Perth
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