Personal responsibility

31 May 2007
I believe that simple living is about reinventing yourself and making yourself happy. Being debt-free will help with your reinvention because controlling your spending will overflow into your life in many non-financial ways.

Personal responsibility plays a huge role in getting yourself back on track with your money. I cannot help you with that, except to say that it is up to you to make a decision to take control of your life and start to break that cycle of debt. You are the only one who can make that decision. You can read as much as you like about reducing debt but there comes a time when you have to stop reading and start doing it.

I can tell you that when you get your debt paid off it's the most liberating feeling you can imagine. I will encourage you to take control of your finances. I will help you in any way I can within the limitations of distance. I do hope you start working towards being debt-free, but the decision and the actions are yours alone.

I hope this post hasn't sounded too school marmish. It's my intention to help, not lecture and I hope this writing sounds as friendly as it is intended.


  1. Lenny & Lisa aren't the only ones to find you Rhonda. :-) Love the new blue.
    Have you entered anything in the show? Preserves, scones, cakes?
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. How did I do that? Wrong spot. sorry Rhonda.

  3. How did you all find me? LOL It's good to have you here, Polly.

  4. I've been enjoying Lisa's lovely Gumnut Cottage Blog and thought I'd see what else was out there in blog land so I did a search using a few subjects I'm interested in and low and behold up came a Blog that looked very interesting, written by Rhonda Jean.:-) Then I realised I had seen some of those pictures before.

    By the way I meant Lenny and Julie, not Lisa in my first post.

    Looking forward to lots more visits to your blog Rhonda.

  5. Here Here Rhonda,
    Not school marmish at all, you say it like it is woman!
    The spending mindset of humanity is like a disease in this country and the world.
    By identifying it you show people that it does exist and make them question. Perhaps you are preaching to the converted but newbies like me take great strength from your words.
    I have sent your web address and quotes from you to my friends and several have started reading your blogs.
    I have decided to start at the beginning and read all of them.
    So thankyou for your time and words of wisdom. May you remain healthy and happy.

  6. Not school marmish at all! I'm reading this post 13 years after you've written it and find it very relevant. I've found it to be very true how one thing overflows into another. I decided to stop buying almond milk and soy milk from the store because we go through it so fast and I hate throwing away the containers--seemed such a waste. Each container would cost about $3-5 and we'd go through several a week! I already had a soy milk maker and lots of GMO-free beans, so I started making soy milk that I can use for both drinking and to make yogurt. I sometimes make almond milk, although that's more expensive to make, but it's so delicious! and no additives. The funny thing was that making soy milk left me with okara, the pulp that is left after straining, which is very nutritious and can be used to make all kinds of things, or just added to bread and dog food. It motivated me to bake more for my kids, which was my other goal. With the almond milk pulp, I can make granola or add it to chia seed puddings or smoothies. It all seems like one big cycle! Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Erika. That overflowing effect continues year after year, it always happens and I love it. I love all the ways you're using what many people would just throw away.



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