I love knitting

20 May 2007

I love knitting.

If I could curl up in a big lounge chair in front of an open fire and knit while it was cold and raining outside, I’d be in my version of heaven. I’ve collected a few vintage plastic needles over the years and they’re a real pleasure to work with. Not only because they are fine tools but also because I feel connected to the knitters who used them before me.

Some of my favourite needles were given to me by an 86 year old lady who couldn’t knit anymore. She wanted them to go to someone who would used them. Well, I use them alright, I’m not nearly as expert with them as she was, but I certainly love knitting as much.


  1. Hi! I was just introduced to your blog through phelan's weekend post. I think I'm going to learn a lot by reading you're blog! Looking forward to it. Oh, by the way, I love knitting too!

  2. Welcome farm mom. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy your visits.

  3. Do you need to use a needle gauge Rhonda or do the needles have their sizes printed on the end? Do you have pockets for them or are you driven insane by trying to find a partner each time you grab a needle?! My disorganised knitting needle chaos is driving me insane currently!

  4. hello deborah. None of the old needles have their sizes marked on them. I have a needle gauge but I rarely use it. I actually use the needles according to colour, not size. LOL Strange, I know, but there you have it.

  5. Following Stonehead's recommendation I have started reading your blog.....! I have found a kindred spirit!
    Whilst not being able to live as simply as you do (been there, done it, but had to stop as we had a massive landslide after a very wet autumn and the debt that incurred forced us to sell our two acre place....sigh!) I will LOVE reading about it.
    We try to live as simply as we can here on a housing estate, but I do hanker for the old days of collecting eggs, milking goats, and turning hay!
    AND I'm an obsessive knitter.

  6. I've taught myself to knit and I'm only up to making scarves.



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