Being organised

28 May 2007

It's nothing special, just a recycled ring binder and old plastic sleeves.

I've never been an organised person, and never had a good reason to be until now. Living simply gives you a reason. It makes sense to me now to make lists, collect recipes, keep records, have up-to-date information and generally know what I'm doing around the house.
A few years ago I started a housekeeping journal that turned into a kind of all-purpose record of the practical things we do here. When I started making soap I collected recipes from the web, from people I know and from books - they all went in the journal. Bread was the same - I collected a lot of info about technique and ingredients and placed it in my journal. Launching the household into a more natural cleaning regime added yet more non-mainstream information to the journal. Then came vegetable garden plans and planting times, seed catalogues, harvests, egg numbers, the dates we bought new chooks, chook names, how to knit mittens, weather and rain records, telephone numbers and email addresses, well, you get the idea.
I love that journal. It's nothing fancy, just an old ring binder that I can easily add new pages to, but it's like a map of our journey into simplicity. It's not just random pieces of paper, it's the information we need to run our home and garden - it's like our simple key.
Do you have a journal like mine? I'd love to hear about how other record the changes in a simple home.