Homemade gifts

27 May 2007

We try to live on a very small amount of money. This is a decision we made a few years ago and it's working well for us. One of the things we do to cut costs is to make gifts for friends and family. This is a peg bag I made recently. I did one for myself and put a couple of them in the gift cupboard. I'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for simple homemade gifts that people love to receive.


  1. Hi! That peg bag is a great idea. We are giving out worm wee in jars to our family at the moment. I am sure they will be thrilled with this as a present!!!

  2. our neighbor often gives us homemade plum jam and applem butter made from fruit trees in her backyard. we love these treats because they're so pure and absolutely delicious.

  3. I think knitted items make great gifts.

    I'm planning to knit hats this year.

    -- Jora

  4. I like to use up my scraps of fabric and one year I made a dozen pot holders and gave those away, another year it was patchwork Xmas tree decorations.

  5. For Christmas I made my nieces red velvet riding hood
    capes. And for their birthdays I made felt finger
    puppets and afelt cupcake kit
    Normally I send flowers to my Grandmother on her
    birthday but if you have a generous flower garden
    you could give posies to nearby family and friends.

    For teenage girls you could make beaded jewellery
    or buy a cheap hardback notebook and decoupage
    the cover.

  6. you could use burlap, a knitting needle and strips of fabric scraps to make shag rag rugs...