Living on the edge

18 May 2007

I’ve always lived on the edge. It used to be quite obvious but as I’ve aged, I’ve hidden under a CWA exterior so now people think I’m just one of the gang. But that exterior lies. I’m still pushing that envelope, still seeing what I can get away with.

I planted asparagus. How can this be the act of a rebel, you ask? I planted it in the aquaponics garden. Asparagus lives for about 20 years, it has a huge root system and generally needs a garden bed divided from the rest of the tamer vegetables. It doesn’t play well with others. So I guess I identify with the humble asparagus and planted it right next to the parsley and silverbeet, expecting it to be accepted, despite its differences.

I asked at the aquaponics site how to grow it that way but no one could tell me as it hasn’t been done before. LOL! I don’t know how well it will go. I hope it gives me something to brag about but even if it doesn’t, it made me smile when I was planting it, because I realised that deep down I haven’t changed one little bit. And that in itself is worth its weigh in asparagus tips.

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  1. This post made me smile. I wonder if how many tips you have eaten from these plants over the years.


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