Making cheese

The photo above is my quark cheese - one is a savoury cheese with salt, pepper and chives, the other is sweetened with a little honey and topped with my home made strawberry jam.

We love cheese so what better reason is there to learn how to make it. I've been making simple quark cheese for a while now but wanted to progress to something that challenged me.

Camembert did just that.

I went to the local cheese maker who produces a number of award winning cheeses ( ) and asked to buy milk and cultures. The wonderful cheese maker there stocked me up with fresh local milk, rennet, cultures and spores, as well as some glass rennet measuring straws.

The entire process took all day and half way through it I realised that cheese making is not "my thing". I'm too impatient for it. But I persevered and produced a decent enough Camembert. I've told everyone who would listen to me that I won't make cheese again but I doubt that's true. I just have to put space between myself and the event and just like childbirth, I'll be back for seconds.


  1. Hi Rhonda,

    My name is Sylviane. I live in France. I'm interested in making my own camembert since my husband eats a lot of this cheese. About 3 a week. Can you post the recipe ?
    Thanks again for you web site which I read everyday to find inspiration on simple living.

  2. I used to make Quark years ago it was so delicious it made me fat so I stopped making it. I make ricotta and mozzarella with a friend occassionally, it is wonderful stuff but what to do with the whey?
    I end up with it on the garden, it is good for plants.

  3. dayla, use the whey in your baking to replace the milk component. If you have a lot of it, you can make ricotta.


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