Weekend reading

2 March 2018
One busy period of our lives ended yesterday with Kerry, Sunny and Jamie moving out and into their own new home.  We wish them the very best and we're grateful to have had those four months together, growing closer.  

We're preparing for another year of healthy chooks and the eggs they'll produce as well as an abundance of home grown vegetables and fruit.  

Now we're getting ready for another busy time - we're collecting six new chickens to add to our flock next week and we're planning our vegetables garden. We should start planting mid-March.  Like all good gardens, there'll be a period of soil preparation and systems checking before we start. All gardens need that because gardening is always more than putting a plant or seed in the ground and standing back.  We're both looking forward to being more active in the garden after a long hot summer.  I'll make sure I take plenty of photos so you can follow our progress.

I'm looking forward to Skyping with my blogging group tomorrow.  Ten people from all around the world, all chatting and sharing. I'm still amazed that we can do that face to face while we're so far from each other.  What are you doing?

~.~.~ 🦋🐔🐝 ~.~.~

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