Weekend reading

16 March 2018
What I thought was going to be my second eye operation turned out to be a post-op check. But now, vision in my fixed eye is just below 20/20, there is no infection or inflammation, the lens is in place.  I go in for the second op 27 March. I'm pleased it will happen soon, I'm sick of having wonky vision.  

One of the readers asked for a Gracie photo, so here she is. She had a wash and haircut earlier in the week which is why she's looking very tidy and slightly annoyed.  She's a great dog and we're both very happy that she's part of our family. We survived the wild days and nights of Scottish Terrier puppyhood with her rampaging through the house at full speed, tearing up yarn, books and slippers and now she's settling down with short bursts of craziness that I think she'll always have. A perfect match for us.

I hope the weather is settling down in your neck of the woods. The harshness of the Australian summer has finally left us here although there are places around the country still experiencing hot and wet days. We had a cyclone off the coast during the week but it came to nothing and fizzled out.

Thanks for your visits during the week and for the interesting and helpful comments left by some of you. I appreciate you taking the time to comment because your views add to what I write and it gives readers a better understanding of how they can change their own lives to live simply.

Enjoy your weekend. xx

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