Weekend reading

30 March 2018

Happy Easter everyone. 🐣

I'm viewing this screen with 20/20 vision; it's the first time my vision has been this good in 40 years.  I had my final eye op on Tuesday, the cataract was removed and a lens inserted in my eye. This lens is the same prescription as my glasses so now I can see well without them - I can even tell the difference between HD and ordinary TV. Amazing. They did a test when I had my post-op check on Wednesday and that revealed the best of all results - 20/20 vision. I was really pleased.  If you're thinking of having this surgery done, go for it. I was anxious before the first surgery but honestly, the worst part of the entire procedure is the six times a day eyedrops for one month, twice.

Hanno has been slowly getting the painting done and I'm very happy with the colours we chose - a very pale blue-grey and a darker blue feature wall.  I'll be reorganising a few things in the living room and kitchen over the weekend (I'm not allowed to garden for two weeks!!) and we'll move closer to having it all done. It's another home maintenance item put to bed for a few years.

We're having another family celebration, this time over at Kerry and Sunny's new home, for Jamie's birthday. He's turning 7. The celebration will be a combined birthday party and house warming. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy time with your family and friends. Thanks to all those readers who take the time to comment. I love reading your thoughts and knowing that we are all part of a world-wide village. 😍

Potato Kugel This recipe is very similar to my kartoffel puffer recipe, but the cooking of it is completely different.  I'm going to try it.
DIY life hacks to save time and money and get yourself organized

NEW blog links - these are links to the blogs of three people who did my recent online blogging course.  There will be more to come in future. Please visit these blogs and if you have time, leave a comment. It's a great thrill to get comments when you blog and I'm sure it will provide encouragement to these lovely ladies.