It's going to be a memorable week

28 February 2018
I haven't bragged about my grandchildren for a while and I don't want you to think I'm slacking off in that area, so here goes.

I took this photo yesterday afternoon when Jamie came home from school. We knew something was happening because Kerry and Sunny were invited to attend school assembly. Jamie was Student of the Week. His certificate states: Jamie Hetzel for showing an amazing determination with his reading.  How about that!

We are all very pleased and proud of him. But you don't get successful students without supportive parents so I'm proud of all of them. It's been wonderful to see, up close, how they work as a family these past few months. They spend time together, they make sure Jamie has plenty of books, they listen when he reads and they keep a close eye on him and his homework.

We'll be sad to see them go but they move out of our place and into their new home tomorrow. It's going to be a memorable week.  :- )