Weekend reading

9 March 2018
It's been a busy week here. We started on another home maintenance project, I cleaned the fridge out yesterday and suddenly I have more room after four months of five people in the house. Gracie had a full wash and groom yesterday, I've been sewing and of course the everyday tasks of cleaning, tidying up, shopping and cooking.

I collect rubber bands and corks because you never know when you'll need a cork to plug a bottle or a rubber band to keep something together or in a bag.  These are sitting on my kitchen window sill.

We also collected six new chickens yesterday, making a home flock of 14 hens. The new girls are two Plymouth Rocks, two Barnevelders and two Rhode Island Reds.  They were born on 1 December last year so they have about six or seven weeks to go before the start laying. We always have pure breed chooks, it's our way of helping keep those heirloom breeds alive.  Without us backyarders, they'll die out and we'll all be poorer for it. Heirloom chickens are like heirloom seeds. Those of us who have little farms in our backyards can help the diversity of seeds and chickens survive because governments and business have no interest in it. 

It's feels good welcoming new chickens. We have them in a side apartment next to the chicken coop. It's something Hanno set up years ago so we had a space for this exact reason as well as a place to isolate sick chooks.  We'll keep them in there for two or three days then introduce them to the older chooks in the evening when they're all going to bed. That way there'll be minimal kerfuffle and they can all go about their business when they wake the next morning.

Thanks for all the excellent comments made during the week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'll see you back here again on Monday when we'll continue the discussion on the management, storage and cooking of food.

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