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23 March 2018
Very early last Sunday morning, Hanno and I drove over to a town about 30 kms away to buy our first seedlings of the season. 

We buy from the family at this stall who sell a wide variety of healthy herb and vegetable seedlings           12 for $1.50.
The Caboolture market is full of vendors selling their wares, some they produce, some they buy and sell on. There is no doubt about this vendor's local credentials. The delicious Maleny Cheese stall.

Hanno planted up the new season garden during the week and he also started painting the interior of the house, minus the bedrooms. Me? I've been grocery shopping, cooking, baking and sewing and today I'm cleaning and reorganising the front verandah and fertilising the new garden. There'll be other things thrown in today's mix as well, the ordinary things all us home bodies do every day, but most of my work today will be outdoors.  What are you doing?

I hope you have a great weekend. Take the time to invest in yourself and your peace of mind. We all deserve that. See you next week. xx 

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Intermediate sewing class - gathered skirt
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How to knit with circular needles
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  1. What an amazing looking market! I just started my first round of seeds day before yesterday- fingers crossed 🤞

  2. I also started new seeds Rhonda. This weekend I will prepare raised beds.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Those two gardening infographics are great Rhonda. Thanks for the link. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I've bookmarked the beginning sewing class to watch later. I have my Nonna's sewing machine and would really like to stop being scared of it and learn how to actually use it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I haven't been to the Caboolture markets, Rhonda. Too stressful driving on that highway when I am on holidays at the beach :-) Tomorrow I will buy some seedlings at the farmer's market here and get them planted out as it is coolish at present and we have had a few showers. Thanks for the weekend reading links and I will check them out later. Have a relaxing weekend.

  6. that is a great deal on seedlings. I planted out some seeds, but have had so much rain I thought they might get swamped, but they look good so far. that market in Cairo would be so interesting to visit.

  7. This weekend I'll be stripping the peach tree and doing lots of bottling and jam making. Here in central Tasmania we're racing against the clock to get in the harvest before the first frosts which are due soon. Still have lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, capsicum, potatoes and apples to deal with as well. Evenings will be spent knitting some fine cotton lace to edge the white cotton pillowcases I am making. And Sunday will be the usual Sunday Roast at midday with the family coming. A busy weekend coming up for me!

  8. Love all the different reading sites. The price of your seedlings amazed me. I pay $3 to $3.50 for 6 plants. So I try to start as many as I can from seeds. We have another weekend of snow ahead for us. Even tho it’s spring winter just doesn’t want to give it up yet. Have a restful weekend.

  9. Great post about knitting Rhonda. Interesting too to know about square knitting needles. Might be good for arthritic hands. Thankyou

  10. Fantastic weather for starting the autumn garden. Overcast with occasional sunny gaps & intermittent light showers. What more could an aspiring young plant yearn for? :D

  11. I am planting in my veggie patch this weekend, Rhonda. I have just come back from the city farm's little nursery with chard and lettuce seedlings and can't wait til later this afternoon to tuck them into the soil. I will add more over coming weeks. Before I get my hands all grubby in the soil, I am going to knit a bit more of my first shawl. The knitting link for circular needles is great, I haven't used circular needles before and I keep getting the cord between the two needles tangled! Meg:)

  12. Rhonda, thank you, thank you, for the sewing tutorial. I have had a sewing machine for about 8 years and have never got passed the threading up stage. I could have asked for help from friends and family but I never did. This exactly what needed, my machine is now threaded and I’m on my way.

  13. Rhonda I’m very grateful for the link on knitting with circular needles - thank you. I feel a little better about tackling a project on them in the future now. And my weekend was spent helping my two eldest boys move into their own home together. A bittersweet life changing moment in a mama’s life.
    Leiani - Perth WA



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