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27 January 2017

Yesterday I made enough buttermilk pikelets/flapjacks for our house, Sunny's house and Jamie's lunchbox. They were supposed to be my apple and cinnamon but, ahem, I forgot the apples and the cinnamon.  They were delicious with some good strawberry jam.

I'm cutting my recipe posts down to every fortnight instead of every week.  I'm spending too much time on the computer lately and it doesn't feel right. Thanks for visiting me this week. I look forward to seeing your comments again next week.  ❤️

City of London launches challenge to boost coffee cup recycling


  1. My boy used to help make pikelets with his granny too. I look forward to every Friday to see what you have found for me to read over the weekend. Have a great weekend.

  2. Some excellent links today! I especially enjoyed the one about the Irish pensioner. It's nice to know we all make mistakes in cooking sometimes. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I hear what you are saying when it comes to the computer, I have just de-activated my facebook account so that I can be more true to living like 1942. I was addicted to going on multiple times a day to check facebook and now I am finding I get lots of little chores done around the house and my soul is more peaceful, god bless to you and your family from Judi

  4. The story about the Irish lady was so beautiful! She is truly happy with her life and I do long for a simpler life. I'm working at it but it's a work in progress! Have a great weekend, Rhonda and Hanno and everyone who reads here!

  5. I loved the series of books by Lillian Beckwith - The Hills is Lonely, The Sea for Breakfast, A Rope in Case etc - which were semi-autobiographical. She went to a small Scottish island to recover after an illness and loved it so much that she eventually moved there to live a crofters life. The Irish pensioner reminds me of her character. Strong but very smart women.


    1. Thanks for the series recommendation Sunnymidnight, I've already reserved the first book at the library. My great grandparents immigrated to the US from Scotland (Glasgow) so I'm very interested in all things Scottish. Beth in MN

  6. Thanks for setting an example to step back, to simplify, when something isn't feeling right. I particularly enjoyed reading about the Irish pensioner, taking notes of some good changes I can make here. It's freezing and snowy here in the New Mexico desert... The mourning doves and pigeons might enjoy some delicacies to help them survive it. Think I'll make some extra cakes in my batch cooking today.

  7. Thanks for the links, Rhonda - I always enjoy reading them. I also went right to the article about the pensioner and only wish it had been longer. Miss Gallagher has a lot of wisdom to share and a salty way of delivering it - I like someone who tells it like it is! Beth in MN

  8. More wonderful links! I enjoy them every week. This morning I made pancakes with fresh blueberries. Oh YUMMY!

  9. ahhh yes, the dreaded time consumer these lovely toys of technology are; i just took 3 days off myself; just left it turned off, needed the break & tried to catch up with knitting, reading & mowing
    selina from kilkivan qld

  10. My they look good! And a new word for me...pikelets. I call them pancakes, and have heard flatjacks commonly used as well. Thanks for the reading list...always enjoy the selections. And thanks for continuing to post pictures of your adorable dog...always brings a smile to my face.

  11. Dear Rhonda,

    Thank you for the great links and recipe ideas. Our regular "salmon on salad" is getting boring, so I will try your recipe for cakes!





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