Weekend reading

13 January 2017

Here she is again - Gracie, a never-ending source of smiles and silliness. I was winding knitting cotton on my swift during the week and she was captivated by the spinning. In the photo here she's watching the cotton spin, she didn't bark or jump around, she just sat there, staring. 

It's been a busy week here, made a bit more difficult by the heat and humidity of mid-summer. I'm looking forward to the end of it and the cooler temperatures of autumn.  I hope that wherever you are you aren't suffering with your local weather.  Thanks for your visits this week.  I'll see you again soon.

Your carbon footprint destroys 30 square metres of Arctic sea ice a year
How to make spaghetti and fettuccine pasta by Nonna Pia


  1. Ahhhh I love the winding wool part of a project, so much potential.
    And it's not only Gracie, I put a small video of my yarn swift doing its thing on Facebook earlier in the week and was so surprised by the amount of views it had.
    There's something very meditative about it.
    I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend Rhonda, we're going to clean out my Grandparents' apartment and hopefully we'll spend some time with some family too.

  2. That last link for the yarn swift will be very handy, Rhonda. The lovely lady at the yarn shop used to wind my skeins into balls for a small fee but her little shop closed down :( so now I'm going to have to sort it myself rather than keep tangling my wool in knots like I have been! Meg:)

    1. i turn a chair upside down & put the yarn around the legs but i haven't had to do that in awhile as BWM make their yarn into balls now

  3. Rhonda, Thank you for these links, I get great pleasure from following your weekend reading and have found out many interesting things.I love the practical links too. I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.

  4. Both ears up - well done Gracie! Maybe it was the yarn swift. . . Thanks for the reading links Rhonda, I will enjoy checking them out. Beth in MN

  5. I love Gracie's little face! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. love the updates with Gracie, she looks gorgeous there with her ears up now!
    enjoy the weekend reading immensely,
    37`c it got here yesterday & overnight stayed at 30`c, it's creeping up again now at 33`c, these temps are in my kitchen so it would be hotter outside, we are supposed to be getting temps in the 40s hopefully we get some storms to break the heat cycle
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan

  7. Lovely to hear all about your really hot and humid weather ! It's snowing here and very miserable so a good reminder about the lovely Australian Summer is just what is needed to cheer us up ! That and the cute pictures of Gracie !

  8. I've been making my own cloth pads for a few months now. If anyone is interested Amy Nix has really good instructions on you tube on how to make your own pattern and see a cloth pad to suit your needs. If you want waterproofness use PUL or polar fleece on the back.

  9. Little Gracie is surely coming along! Wonderful.



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