Gracie with her blankie

25 January 2017
Gracie with her blankie, my old unstitched ugg boot.

Life's good with our little black Scottie, Gracie. She watched a television documentary with me yesterday called Dogs, their secret lives. I think she liked it because she sat quietly as we both watched and listened. Every so often she got up and ran through the house like a crazy thing, then came back to watch again. I wonder what's going on in Gracie's secret life.

This week she discovered cane toads in the back yard and chased one.  Luckily Hanno removed it before she caught it. They have poison glands in their back and can cause a lot of trouble in dogs and cats.  She's a good girl most of the time but we're struggling with one important command - Come Gracie! She only does that when she thinks there's something in it for her, but maybe that's a sign of intelligence. 😊  We're patient people, we'll get there.