Weekend reading

6 January 2017
An easy meal, homemade pizza.

I spent a lot of time researching my family history this week and I'm looking forward to a break over the weekend.  I plan on drying some herbs and making soap and whatever else takes my fancy.  I hope you have a great weekend too. Do something that makes you happy.

Thanks for the delightful comments left this week. They make me feel quite special. I must have the most thoughtful readers in the blog universe.  See you again next week. 😀

DIY cat tent - a charming video on, you guessed it, making a cat tent
How wolves change rivers
Eat what you love
My Threadbare Life - a new to me blog that I like a lot
The Great British Sewing Bee, series 4, most of it.
Record-breaking extreme weather in Australia in 2016 devastates ecosystems


  1. Thanks for the weekend reading Rhonda. I can't wait to dive into it. It is raining here at the moment. The grass is growing madly and so are some of the garden plants. My young elderberry tree is growing like wildfire.

  2. Ummmmm...YUM!
    That pizza looks wonderful!
    And now that you made me very hungry for it --- I'm going to have to pull out from my freezer, one of my own homemade pizzas very soon!:)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Rhonda

  3. Your pizza looks delicious.
    Thank you for the weekend reading Rhonda. Always interesting.
    I made a big move forward today - cleared out the bathroom cabinet to make way for organic soaps etc.
    I already make my own washing liquid for my washing machine using your recipe.
    I use vinegar and bi-carb as the base of my other cleaning.
    This year I'm concentrating on skin care so I'll be looking back at some of your posts where you have dealt with it in the past. Making my own soap will be my next challenge.

  4. Hi Rhonda, lovely looking pizza. I just popped in to read the link to "My Threadbare Life"... what a charming Blog.Thank you for sharing it.
    Have a Super Weekend.

  5. I don't eat meat, but that pizza looks scrumptious.

  6. Your weekend reads always intrigue me and I look forward to them each week. The video on how wolves change rivers is fascinating! Thanks so much. And the pizza looks divine as well.

  7. Always enjoy your recipe posts as well as the weekend ones with all the links!! Glad you are continuing on with your blog!! Thank you!!
    Elizabeth in WA

  8. Oh good grief! I just ate lunch a few minutes ago but when I looked at your pizza, I was hungry all over again. It looks so scrumptious. Have a great weekend...it's supposed to snow here, so we may have homemade pizza tonight.

    Diane in North Carolina

  9. Hi Rhonda, many thanks for all the work you do sharing your information with the rest of the world! Am glad you have decided to continue a little longer. And absolutely LOVE your new photo - you look great with a fringe!

  10. Hello Rhonda, I just wanted to pop by & say a huge THaNk YoU for featuring my blog in your weekend reading list. It was such an honour as I always read your reading list links & they have taken me to places all over the world & enabled/encouraged me to read articles I would not necessarily have given a 2nd glance at before. And now my little blog has been visited by some lovely folk from all over the world thanks to you & your kindness. Your "mention" was just the tonic I needed :-) Thank You, Julie from Threadbear.

    1. It was my pleasure, Julie. It's a lovely blog. xx

  11. Homemade pizza...it must be the 'thing' at the moment. My girls cooked these the other night too and except for the ham, all the toppings were from the garden and the dough they made from scratch too.

  12. I'm likewise so pleased you've returned for 2017 Rhonda! You frequently help me regain my footing on the simple path and remind me what brings joy to me and my family.
    Thank you for the Sewing Bee link. I really enjoy how this series, plus the Great British Bake Off feature older, talented people. We rarely see such individuals on TV these days.

  13. Rhonda,

    Have you seen Victorian Farm, an historical BBC documentary series in six parts that was first shown in 2009? You can watch it on YouTube. Later we want to watch Edwardian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, and Wartime Farm.

    Happy weekend,

  14. I also thoroughly enjoy your blog and words of wisdom, and was charmed by "the Threadbare Cottage" Thanks for all you do.
    Beach Nanna

  15. Rhonda I was so glad you have decided to continue this blog. I particularly watch for the weekend suggested reading. You always manage to find at least a couple of interesting articles I would not have seen on my own. I have just retired and finding my new rhythm hasn't been easy. You always help remind me of what are effective goals for me. Thank you and so glad you'll be continuing.

  16. Many thanks for your wonderful blog! Your efforts are really appreciated and you have so much wisdom to share. Thank-you for introducing us to My Threadbear Life. What a lovely place! I read the blog from beginning to end over the weekend! It was REALLY HOT here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I spent the indoor time very wisely! Thanks again to you my friend. Cheers Jo



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