Weekend reading

20 January 2017
Packing dried oregano into a jar.

Life takes a gentle turn this week. It's back to school for Australian children in a few days so from this weekend, the thousands of tourists who flow into this region for the summer holidays, pack up and go back to normal life.  And all of us do too. Once again there will be parking spaces at the beaches and shops, prices will go back to normal and life will be fairly slow again.

I hope your life is slow and gentle too. Take good care of yourself and come back and see me soon. ❤️

How to reupholster almost anything
Reclaiming friendship
Letter of recommendation - hot water bottles
Top down raglan baby cardigan - free pattern
Crispy potato roast
Tips for saving money when running home appliances
Easy homemade cream cheese
40 comfort food recipes
Broccoli and cheddar twice baked potatoes
The Soil Solution to Climate Change - You Tube
Watermelon pizza
Spicy vegan potato curry
Your morning cup of tea can help you live longer


  1. Oh my those comfort food recipes are so good. There are quite a few of those I will be making. Thankyou for the link and have a lovely weekend Rhonda.

  2. Slow and gentle. That is what I want to achieve this year. So far, so good.

    I received my book (the simple home) today and know exactly what I will be doing this weekend.

    Wishing you and Hanno a lovely quiet weekend,


  3. You always come up with good stuff for this list. Watermelon pizza? That looks like a fun summer treat!

  4. Lovely informative posts,Rhonda. I like the hair-do you are sporting in your picture too.

  5. Hello from Norway. Here people have begun dreaming of Spring and slowly slowly the light is returning. The Summer holidays seem far away, but time flies I know. Wish you both a lovely weekend. Pam

  6. I loved the article on hot water bottles. I'm obsessed with mine. I take it to bed every night, even in summer sometimes. I guess it's a comfort thing from childhood, but I wouldn't be without one and always take mine away with me anywhere I go.

  7. I especially enjoyed the British Country Living link. Many good reads and inspiring pictures.
    I truly feel myself slowing down these days as I read through The Simple Home and Down to Earth. I am trying to pace myself because I just want to do it all now! 😉
    Bless you, dear Rhonda. Happy weekend!


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