Weekend reading

24 June 2016
The bathroom renovation is slowly coming along. The floor tiles are down now and although I initially thought they were too light and Hanno thought they were too dark, we both like the look of them on the floor. They have to set over the next couple of days and the workmen will be back on Monday to tile the walls. 

I forget the name of this cream coloured rose - is an old-fashioned cabbage rose. When at full height it's enormous but this is recovering from my brutal pruning.
 The Montville Rose, above, and The Fairy, below.

I think you know what I'll write next - I've been in the garden! ; - ) The flowers are looking beautiful. I love their radiance, the roses in particular seem to beam in low light. I'll be organising the bush house next week so I have plenty of growing room on the benches in there. I untangled the old vanilla orchid vine last week and gave most of it to Morag. There is a small cutting left to grow but I doubt it will flower because I don't have the patience to do all the things it requires. The flowers are a different matter altogether. I'm pruning, tweaking, cutting and admiring every day.

Two pots of Viola Tricolour.

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Hopefully I'll have photos of the completed bathroom for you to see next week. Thanks for your visits this week. Enjoy your weekend.  xx