Weekend reading

The bathroom renovation is slowly coming along. The floor tiles are down now and although I initially thought they were too light and Hanno thought they were too dark, we both like the look of them on the floor. They have to set over the next couple of days and the workmen will be back on Monday to tile the walls. 

I forget the name of this cream coloured rose - is an old-fashioned cabbage rose. When at full height it's enormous but this is recovering from my brutal pruning.
 The Montville Rose, above, and The Fairy, below.

I think you know what I'll write next - I've been in the garden! ; - ) The flowers are looking beautiful. I love their radiance, the roses in particular seem to beam in low light. I'll be organising the bush house next week so I have plenty of growing room on the benches in there. I untangled the old vanilla orchid vine last week and gave most of it to Morag. There is a small cutting left to grow but I doubt it will flower because I don't have the patience to do all the things it requires. The flowers are a different matter altogether. I'm pruning, tweaking, cutting and admiring every day.

Two pots of Viola Tricolour.

What Makes Berlin a Playground Paradise
Shattered records show climate change is an emergency today, scientists warn
Compost, sharing the love
Three Easy, Low-Tech Ways to Keep Container Gardens Watered
Food waste - what can we do about it?

Hopefully I'll have photos of the completed bathroom for you to see next week. Thanks for your visits this week. Enjoy your weekend.  xx


  1. I watched a BBC documentary this week about global weirding. It gave the best explanation I have ever seen regarding how hurricanes form. Climate change is beyond an emergency now, humans have responded with too little too late, all we can work towards now is mitigating the effects. Thanks for the links Rhonda.

  2. The lovely thing a bout flowers is that they span generations. My mother and Nan used to love to grow simple flower beds and also buy fresh flowers from the markets very, very cheaply during the war time to add cheer to such a dire time. the viola's and roses are simplicity at its best and have been enjoyed by many of our ancestors I am sure

  3. Loved the link about the playgrounds. We try to let the boys free range as much as possible, the way we grew up. Its sad how much things have changed I think in many ways, the move back to more natural play spaces here warms my heart!


  4. Thank-you for providing websites that are so engrossing. This weeks list which has the climate change sites are great. I feel so much that people have their head in the sand about climate change. In my work environment (I'm a nurse at a hospital in Ontario), no one speaks about it, they live in their little world (who are you dating, going shopping, how big is your house?) and I can't even approach the subject. I would be on a pulpit "preaching", which I don't want to do. But I'll take the sites you've listed and put them on my Facebook page, and those interested can read, and maybe become more knowledgeable. I will retire in 2 years. I am preparing for that time, but I'm equally preparing for climate change. Garden raised beds are being constructed now. Chickens are coming soon. To be brutally honest, I feel isolated in the way I think. To be "unprepared" seems to be more acceptable. The sites you have provided are obviously well researched by The Guardian. Thank-you.

  5. Loved the lemonade site! There is a restaurant in town called 'burnt lemonade' - now I will try this and see if it gives the same taste!

  6. How lovely. I bet your garden is beautiful.


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