Weekend reading

17 June 2016

There was not much time for reading this week but here is a small list I hope you'll enjoy. The main one, of course, is the first link. I'm sure I'll spend a fair bit of time watching those bears in the coming months. I hope you have a lovely weekend. I'll see you again next week. :- )

The cameras are back on at Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park. It's bear watching season again!   These are live webcams. The bears are emerging from their hibernation and soon we'll see them wandering in to feed on the largest Sockeye Salmon run in the world.  UPDATE: I saw my first bear at the falls this morning. A small bear on the far side of the river jumping at salmon but not catching any.  This area will be occupied by the biggest bear soon so this little bear is lucky to be there today.
Living off the grid - thanks to my friend Andrew Davies from Radio National for this link.
Revealed: first mammal species wiped out by human-induced climate change