Behind the closed gate there is solitude and stillness

9 June 2016
You might think that I've been off galavanting with no time to post here.  Well, you would be wrong. I've been living the most ordinary of days, enjoying the cold weather, sitting in the sun and doing all the things that are too common-place to mention. I'm doing what you do in your home, you already know what I've been up to. 

I've passed on my radio commitments to my friend Morag Gamble and here is her first broadcast.  She'll be doing her radio broadcast every month so if you're in Queensland you'll be able to listen, live, on your local radio or at the 612 website if you're out of the state.  Morag has a great blog with many interesting and thought-provoking posts, this is one of them:  5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Soil and Grow Better Food or you could start with today's post.

There are a few tickets left for my free talk at the Toowoomba Library this Saturday, 11 June at 11am. Bookings are essential. Hanno will be with me, we'll have my books to sell at discount prices and if there are some people who want to stay behind after the talk to chat, we'll be there for that too. See you there! The Toowoomba talk is my last public event and then I will once again become the non-distinct Rhonda Hetzel, living my ordinary days in splendid isolation.  

My gate is closed.

Behind that closed gate I've been mending Hanno's work shirts, reattaching handles to shopping bags, baking miracle cake and brownies, making cauliflower soup and roast pork, using left overs, knitting, gardening and enjoying the solitude and stillness.  Life's good and I have a feeling of liberation and satisfaction.

We're looking forward to our bathroom renovation which starts next week. Our colour scheme is grey and white and we want to keep it simple. Hanno has been working in the warm sunshine on the back verandah, putting together a vanity and mirror cupboard from flat packs. The plumber has capped off the taps and shower in our bathroom and we're using the main bathroom instead.

We have taps and a shower waiting to be installed, beautiful Australian tiles called Bellingen Ash reading to lay, and paint almost jumping out of the tin onto the wall. We are primed and ready to spring into action when the work men arrive next week. They'll be demolishing the bathroom as it has been for the past 18 years, removing the spa bath and moving us into the present day. In the bathroom at least. ;- ) I wonder if our choices will stand the test of time. I guess only moving forward will help us discover that.  I wonder who else has renovated recently. 

Salihan at EcoYarns contacted me today to thank everyone who visited her site during the sale last weekend. It was a splendid success and Salihan wants you to know she appreciates the support we give her.