Weekend reading

I came across a reference to this book on the forum when Mr Homemaker mentioned it. Six dollars, plus $11 postage later and it was on its way to my door. I haven't had time to read it yet but I'll get into it next week. I hope you have time to read your favourite book this weekend. 

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A Young Man Quits His Old Life and Goes West
Rose is writing about food management and freezer storage.
Sherri is moving so let's move along with her and see what life bring her in a new location.
There's a reason these old-school manners have stood the test of time
Make Simple, Beautiful Garden Fences and Trellises
Feminism in a frilly apron is for the few who can afford it


  1. I love that book! An ex MIL gave me a copy about 15 years ago. I refer to it every so often. I love to read about the routines etc in there when I am feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Ooops forgot I was signed into Brians account :)

  3. I have this book and it lives in the bottom of one of my book cupboards. I've taken it out, dusted it off and will read it again. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Interesting piece from the Guardian on feminism. I've been pondering this for a couple of years. I'm early 30s with 2 young kids and usually the main breadwinner in our house (on maternity leave at the moment). Though hubby works as a tradie, my corporate role pays more. I feel like with me being the main breadwinner and with the cost of living today, even living fairly carefully, that the choice to stay home has been taken from me. We need 2 incomes to pay the mortgage and basic bills. Has the pendulum now swung too far the other way so that some women don't have a choice but to work outside the home?

    We are still in a position where working women do the bulk of the household and child rearing duties; evidently a lot of men didn't have the same desire for domestic life as women did to go out to work...

    Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that my fore-mothers fought for our opportunity to work but I also can't help but wonder the impact on cost of living, over consumption, convenience everything that has accelerated with most families having 2 incomes? Women entering the workforce was a marketers dream. Would we as a society have lived within our means a little more and trashed the planet slightly less if families only had one income?

    Ultimately I think we need to get to a point where everyone, women and men, work less and consume less. So many jobs will be automated soon. We need to share the remaining work and access to resources around.

    Sorry, that was long!

    1. Very interesting stuff!

    2. Excellent points Mum!!
      I feel like people forget that feminism can also mean you have the choice to work at home or out of the home. But as you have pointed out, the choice has been removed in many cases. I am a SAHM and I was talking to another SAHM who used to teach. I asked her if she was going to go back to teaching and she was not sure she wanted to. Her hubby on the other hand was assuming she would go back to work once both kids were in full time school. BUT she had pointed out to him, someone was going to have to drive them to actvities, etc. And that is something else that is left out. While public schools are "free" in the US, the cost of sports clubs and other after school activities add up. Not just the actual dollar amount, but your own personal time is spent driving from event to event to practice to wherever. Sure we can curtail that a bit, but you still lose precious family time because of things like cheerleading, football, lacrosse, piano lessons, etc. Two incomes are necessary as well as two present parents or at least one present parent and I feel like that is getting tested a lot as well.


  5. Thank you so much for mentioning Mr Home Maker- I'd been missing him!!

  6. I have the same book also Rhonda.

  7. My copy of "Good Old Days Good Old Ways" was delivered on Friday, Rhonda. I am also hoping to start reading it sometime next week. I did a quick flick through some of the pages and it looks like a very interesting read.

  8. Your in for a treat reading your book. Your out look on life is very close to mine...enjoying your blog.


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