Maggie, version 2

30 November 2015
We had a great weekend with a nice balance between work and relaxation. Jamie was here yesterday and he enjoyed helping us clean out kitchen cupboards by climbing in and bringing out the things at the back. Then it was just some shelf cleaning, deciding what would go back and getting rid of the excess. It feels so good to do that. I still have the plastic containers cupboard and the tea towel drawer to organise and will probably get to them this week some time.

I finished Maggie rabbit and I'm happy with it now. I knitted a cross-over apron in 8ply cotton for her. The top and bottom are seed stitch and the rest is stocking stitch. I did a new shawl too because I wasn't happy with the colour combinations of the purple and orange. Ecoyarns organic cotton in the Mercy colour looks better. I bought Alicia's pattern for a cute little knitted pinafore but didn't have the right needles so I made up the cross-over apron and I think it suits her very well. A couple of ladies told me about magic loop knitting, so I could use the needles I had to knit in the round, but I decided to go with what I know now and add magic loop knitting to my Christmas tasks. I'm happy with how Maggie turned out and I'll probably make another one next year for Tricia's grand-daughter, Alana.

I ordered a few things from the Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores last week. Enamel mugs for trips out in the car, two Robert Gordon Australian kitchen jugs, an enamel sugar bowl with lid and a fly swatter. I often use jugs in the kitchen and these two cornflower beauties will serve me well for many a long year. I have them sitting on the dresser at the moment so I can keep looking at them. :- )

Today I'll be baking bread in my new loaf tin. It's has perforated holes all over the sides and bottom to produce a crusty loaf. I'll let you know how that goes.  I haven't been making nearly as much bread as I did before since we switched our main meal to lunchtime. But I have to get back to a routine with my bread because often we end up with none in the house.

The year is beginning to sprint to a close and I'm quite busy with various things at the moment. I'm not sure how often I can come back to write here in the next couple of weeks. I'll just have to see how it all goes and assure you that I'll be here when I can be. I hope you have a good week.


  1. What a darling little rabbit...I start to clean for "yule" season. In a short time I'm heading to a family gathering it a celebration of my Uncle 90th birthday.
    Coffee is on

  2. I love your posts Rhonda. Maggie is even more gorgeous now!

  3. Aggie is adorable. You will love the magic loop?

  4. Hi Rhonda it sure is rapidly approaching Christmas and I do not feel ready for it, Maggie looks much better with that colour on her shawl, hope you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy some down time with your family, god bless from Judi.

  5. She is so sweet! Lovely yellow apron, suits her. We have had a quiet day here and I have been making Christmas presents while snow fell outside, cats snuggled by my side, lots of hot tea. We went to the Christmas tree lighting in the evening and there was a big fireworks diplay against the dark winter sky. Wish you both a lovely week ahead. Pam in Norway

  6. I'm a sucker for jugs and those blue ones are so cute! I might have to get on that site and do a Christmas shop for myself! :)

  7. Maggie is beautiful!
    love the mason chase bowls but not sure i can afford them this year, will have a look, love those jugs!
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan qld

  8. how sweet Maggie is! Please don't mention Christmas, I am not ready for it! lol.

  9. Oh, the rabbit is so sweet! I think I might like to have that exact outfit for myself! ;) Hope you have plenty of time for more crafting in your busy weeks ahead. I just did a big kitchen cleaning and reorganization, and am feeling so much more efficient in there now.

  10. How sweet that bunny is. I am sure some little one is going to be thrilled on Christmas morning to receive her. I am sure she will be loved for years to come.

    I am busy crafting my Christmas gifts too. My poor left index finger is screaming at me. I never learned to use a thimble as I should (sewing more than 50 years) and I stick my poor finger all the time.

  11. Maggie looks great!

    Tell Jamie there is a similar job for him in the Illawarra -- these knees are starting to talk to me.

  12. Maggie looks very sweet. I have purchased the enamel coloured mugs for my husband, as a Christmas gift, to keep in his man cave. I love the colours and the durability. I looked at the jugs and was very tempted. These will go in my wish list.

  13. The end of the year is indeed sprinting towards us. Deadlines come and go and life ticks on :). Love Maggie Rabbit hope she becomes a treasured possession.

  14. With some bits of cloth and stitches, you have created a living soul in Maggie. Her sweet face speaks volumes and I think I can see what type of personality she has. Magic!

  15. I love her! She has come to life!

    I have to remember to have my 3 yr old grandson help with the lower cupboards, too. He would love such a chore. My plastic containers cupboard is a mess and some things are just too far back for me to reach.

  16. Ooh Robert Gorden is one of my favourite shops! I live about a 5 minute drive from the actual store, it's in Pakenham, Victoria (and so am I!). They have this lovely area where you can paint your own plates and things, I've got some with my daughters' hands and footprints on them :) Small world to see the place mentioned here :)

    1. Your so very lucky Larissa. My hubby and I are visiting Robert Gordon store in March, looking forward to it. :)

  17. I love your Maggie. I purchased two of those kits and have yet to make them. Soon!


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