Weekend reading

6 November 2015
The makings of a salad picked fresh from the garden during the week.

Usually I make a ritual of sitting down to watch the first ball bowled of the first cricket test. Then I sit there on and off throughout the day, knitting and watching. That test started yesterday and I forgot it was on! I used to have an excellent memory so I feel its loss deeply, especially when I forget something I've done for many years. It's one of the downsides of ageing that I'm still getting used to. I don't forget a lot of things but when it's the cricket, pfttttt! I'm not happy. I was busy all day yesterday because Jamie was here and we had the extended family over for dinner. So today, I'm having the day off. Today I'll watch the second day of the test match, I'll sew my Maggie rabbit and I might even pretend it's yesterday. ;- )  I wonder what you'll be doing. See you next week, friends. 

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