Weekend reading

13 November 2015
Maggie rabbit is almost ready for her public viewing. She'll be waiting for you on Monday. So will I. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your comments and visits during the week. I love reading about what you're doing.

Stressed, Tired, Rushed: A Portrait of the Modern Family
In a time before tech: the Russian sisters living defiantly off the grid
Hundreds of old letters found in Holland
Nigel Slater’s pear and ginger cake
Korean beef short rib kimchi stew (Jjigae)No pets, no kids, no flights: how readers are reducing their carbon footprint
Free colouring-in page download - parrot
Engineering challenges for kids
10 steps to clear the clutter
How to make knots
Make a six cord braided friendship bracelet
Moth-proofing your yarn


  1. That NYT aritcle struck a chord. I think it really describes our times and leads me to renew my commitment to work towards an alternate path. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to find us some interesting and thought provoking reading Rhonda. I'm going to have a fairly relaxing weekend, since my house is now 'under offer' I don't have to do the 'mad-getting-ready-for -inspection' thing, so it's just the usual chores and keeping the garden nice and under control for the new owners,so I have some sewing and knitting planned. enjoy your weekend too.

  3. There's always a thing or two of interest in your reading list so thank you for sharing these links. It is indeed sad that some of us feel stressed, tired and rushed - I know I do some days and my children have grown and flown the nest! Trying to live a simpler life and being kind to ourselves is the key.

    Having said that, we are off to the city (400 kms away) for the next 3 weekends running with events and things to do so it will be a mad November for us. The bonus - seeing our girls on each of those weekends - makes this mumma bear very happy! :)
    Have a lovely, restful week, Rhonda and Hanno!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  4. Some great reading there. Thank you :)
    I am planning on making some lavender sachets as discussed in the "moth proofing your yarn" article. Does anyone know the best place tl purchase dried lavender?

  5. We recently watched a documentary on a remote village in Siberia which I think anyone here would enjoy especially if you enjoyed the article on the Russian aunts. It is 'Happy People'. We found it on Amazon. I am in the USA and do not know if the rest of you can access it. It was well worth our time which I cannot say for much anymore movie wise. Have a good weekend all!

  6. Thanks of the weekend reading Rhonda... there is always something that resonates with me but this time it was the article in the Guardian.

    It's sad to read about the lack of optimism amongst the community of our chances of avoiding dangerous climate change. I identified with many reported on in the piece: we have gone solar, have a thriving veggie garden, are down to one car, we eat less meat (I have become vegetarian) and I have reappraised my air travel budget. Every little bit helps I guess.

    But the biggest thing I am doing is joining the People’s Climate March (in Brisbane on 28th November) but in all Australian capital cities on that weekend.

    This type of grassroots community action helps to send the message that we need action now to those who govern us, and also makes me feel less alone, and I guess, less fearful.

    So if any of your readers feel the same way, I would encourage them to join in too. The more the merrier! peoplesclimate.org.au

  7. Rhonda, I often enjoy the Weekend Reading links. I especially liked the Russian sisters story. Beautiful hard working women!

  8. Hi Rhonda! It is a rainy Sunday evening here in newcastle and after several hours spent in the garden today both my husband and I are relaxing. Him watching the cricket and me catching up on the blog. I am sad to say I have been away from it for a number of weeks. I have stepped into a senior role at work and also have been battling pregnancy tiredness. Yes we are expecting our first baby due April 2nd! This has my thoughts about simple living ramped up a whole other level as we will move to one wage and I dearly hope to be able to stay at home for a couple of years. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new chapter. One that we have built a solid foundation for but one that requires consistent work. Today I stumbled upon a you tube video called the story of stuff which I think would be on interest to many of your readers. I am so happy to be back and onto the blog. Reading one of your recent posts about Christmas made me smile. Some of my family have very different ideas about what that should look like e.g lots of gifts etc I was wondering if you had any previous posts on differences within family re:simple living? Thank you Rhonda! So glad to be back x I hope you and hanno are well

    1. Hello Alyce, what wonderful news about the baby. You'll be a wonderful mother. :- )I've seen the story of stuff, it's a real eye opener. You've got it all ahead of you now and I wish you and your husband the very best in the coming months. What an exciting time for you both.

      I can't think of any particular blogs at the moment. If I do, I'll email you.

  9. Rhonda I've only just looked at the Weekend Links, as always there is much of interest. I was particularly charmed by the article on the Russian sisters, thank you.

  10. Not sure what I'm doing over the weekend. One thing I will send out a few letters by snail mail...Coffee is on



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