The making of Maggie

17 November 2015
She came into my life as a flat pack kit all the way from Alicia Paulson in Oregon. The kit was beautifully presented, with good quality materials, and it was a pleasure to work on.

She arrived in August - the makings of a little rabbit.

I didn't get around to sewing her until a rainy Friday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Most of the time I spent hand sewing her, I listened to country music, my newest obsession.

Slowly she came together. The ears first, because that was my favourite fabric in the kit, and then her purple shawl.

She was impatient to have me sew her dress but other things took precedence and it took a while to get around to it.

When the dress was finished, she sat on my box of cottons waiting for her boots.

Then the boots took shape.
And I struggled for the first time with the project - doing up the laces on the boots. I had to undo it five times before I got it right.  When I left my desk to do something in the house, Jamie would bring in a little Lego animal that he'd just made and silently leave it next to whatever I was working on - this one was a cat.

And now she's finished.

I decided to knit her a little smock to go over her dress. The pattern, again from Alicia, advises circular needles and I don't have any that are such a small size. So I'm trying the pattern on flat needles. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. We'll see. Soon I'll wrap her so she can be given to a very special baby girl in my life. I hope she likes her as much as I do.