Weekend reading

11 September 2015
Don't play with your food, Jamie. I wonder where he got that idea!
You don't have to look too far. lol

I'll be at the Maleny Real Food Festival on Sunday, please say hello if you're there. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. See you all next week. xx

Rare trades from the Institute of Backyard Studies
How to find, select and utilize vintage fabrics for garment making
The terror and tedium of living like Thoreau
The kitchen garden blog
Annette McFarlane's vegetable growing PDFs, a wonderful guide for warm climate gardeners
Retirement is good for you, says German study
How long will I live?
Memories of Gefilte Fish - Dr Sachs died three weeks ago
Homestead helpers - innovative ideas for making the workload easier
The myth of quality time
Slow clothing - thanks to Sue for this


  1. Jamie and Hanno are having fun, Rhonda. Thanks for the reminder about Annette's guide as I had forgotten about it and it will come in handy now. I saw her at Gardenfest last year. She has lots of great growing tips. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Kids just got to be kids! Have fun at the Maleny Real Food Festival!

  3. What lovely pictures, Jamie will so remember these days with you and Hanno. I love a grandfather with a twinkle in his eye, my grandfather taught me how to drink out of a milk carton when noone was looking :) very bad manners, very naughty, and I always think of it with a big smile :). Blessings, Pam in Norway

  4. Funny. As soon as grandchildren arrive sensible men/granddads turn into kids again, lol.
    Hope you`re having fun at the fair!

  5. LOL! That's what Grandpas are for! That little guy is growing up way too fast!

  6. Thanks for the links to the veggie growing tips. Lots of good info and reading there!



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