My favourite place #9

3 September 2015
This week we're looking at the favourite places of Gerry, who lives on the sailing boat Katinka, currently in Dartmouth, Devon UK,  and Kelly who is in Victoria, Australia.

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Gerry writes:
I live on a 40 foot sailing boat. We have spent the last 10 years sailing around North America, South and central America. We are now back in the UK and have been preparing for our next 'jaunt' which begins in April '16.

Life is simple on the boat, we have no refrigeration so canning is very important to us. We make our own electricity and have the ability to make our own water if it doesn't rain enough to fill the tanks! Everything has to be maintained by us, from the engine to the sails and all points in between. We take pleasure from the simple things in life. Catching a fish, baking a loaf of bread.

This is my galley (Kitchen), it's my favourite place. Everything is within reach and I can cook safely even in a rough sea, the cooker is on gimbals which means that it swings so the pots stay safe even when the boat is rolling around.

When we are sailing everything is safely stowed, when we are tied up I can spread my wings a little! And use the internet to catch up with Down to Earth.

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Here is Kelly's studio, she writes about it on her blog so just follow the link below to find out more.

You can read about Kelly's favourite place here.  While you're visiting, check out her fabulous hand woven hand towels here.


  1. Life on a sailing boat, what an adventure! It looks like a lovely space.
    Thank you for including my little studio!

  2. What lovely spaces! I can't imagine being on a sail boat full time! What a challenge and how interesting! I adore the craft room with the loom and wheel! Heaven!

  3. These spaces and the work done in them are just incredible! What a treat to learn about them.

  4. such wonderful & beautiful spaces!
    thanx for sharing them with us
    selina from kilkivan qld

  5. I love the diversity in these two favourite places.

  6. Wow! Life must be great at a sailing boat! Is there a 'sailboatlife-blog', Gerry?

  7. it would be so interesting to hear about your travels Gerry :) - I imagine writing a blog may not be that practical while out at sea, but it would be wonderful to hear from you



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