Weekend reading

31 October 2014

I haven't had much time for online reading lately but here are a few scratchings from the past couple of weeks.  I hope everything is going well for you and that you have time to relax and unwind this weekend.  Thanks for your visits and to the people who comment, a special thank you. I do appreciate the time you take to connect to me.  See you next week! 


Where have the working class actors gone?
Uncovering America's food waste
Useful inventions
Pie, from scratch  This link is fixed now. It's my favourite one of the week. :- )
Professor Pincushion's guide to taking measurements
Little girl's peasant dress, free pattern and tutorial
Tea etiquette
The Shady Baker blog - outback Australia, a lovely family blog.
Look at Karen's wonderful peg apron!
Writers' sheds


  1. That peg apron is just gorgeous. If only my husband would use one! Love the shady Baker's blog too. This is what my Mum's family sheep station was like. They still all live out there where the earth is red and dusty. It brings back such vivid memories. Hope you have a lovely weekend Rhonda.

  2. Hello Rhonda I must admit this morning is the first time I have laid eyes on the blog for almost 2 weeks there is nothing I am looking forward to more than finding some quiet time this weekend between house and uni work making a cup of tea and catching up on what you and Hannover and the kids and grand kids have been up to! Thank you for all you do you make so many days wonderful xx alyce ( your blackheath budgeter)

  3. Thanks for the links to some quiet reading later on, Rhonda. Have a relaxing weekend with Hanno. I am looking forward to getting back to normal Spring weather on Monday.

  4. I love the article about writers' sheds! I've often wanted to convert ours into a comfy writing room... unfortunately the landlord still stores a lot of stuff in there... so not really an option at this point. Great for daydreaming, though!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, and that your weather isn't too hot. :)

  5. A few weeks ago you posted a link for 'no poo' shampoo using bicarb of soda & apple cider vinegar, I have been washing my hair that way since & I think it works very well, so I wanted to say thanks for the link, Rhonda

  6. Thanks for all the links and that's a lovey photo. Have a great weekend!

  7. I never wait for the weekend to click on your links, Rhonda - I will have forgotten to do it by then, so I look through them as soon as I log in to your blog. It usually takes me a good half hour or more to read what I find, as so often there are links to more interesting things as one goes!
    That article about the food waste in the USA was a shocker, but as you have pointed out in the past, it is just as bad here. The tea towel apron is cute; I've never made one of those, but the pattern can be found in lots of books and websites. Not that you really need a pattern as such!
    Tea etiquette was fun, but I found some even more great sites from that one link....aaghhh! see what you've done to my Friday night, lol!!

  8. A few days later there is a follow up to the Pie From Scratch in which she talks about how she prepares the squash. http://matronofhusbandry.wordpress.com/2014/10/29/that-squash-again/ The reason that I reference it is that she recommends steaming instead of baking which I have rarely found produces really soft squash for making puree. I was very happy to see that as it will be a real help to me. There is no pie like one made from your own fresh puree! I learned to roll pie crusts early in my life. My Mom did fillings and she had me at the counter rolling crusts. I am thankful to have learned it at my Mom's elbow so that it does not intimidate me now.

  9. Useful inventions absolutely brilliant.
    How have I managed without them?

  10. Hi Rhonda!
    I enjoy your posts so much and at first really missed reading your blogs over the weekend. However, I have been enjoying the links that you post for weekend reading! They guide me to places and information that I find generally quite informative and enjoyable! This weekend I loved the useful inventions link! It was great fun and left me wishing I had easy access to some articles presented. I had never read the rules for drinking tea, so that was an eye opener. The link served as a stimulus to look for a bit more information http://www.tealaden.com/teaweb/etiquette.htm that I will use with practice teas with my granddaughters. The peasant dress pattern was fantastic!! I love to sew, but need a pattern, so this link was so relevant and appreciated!! They are patterns more to my liking as I repurpose cast off clothing of sturdy material into more conservative styles that will be useful as the grandchildren grow.

    Thank you for taking the time to enlarge my world through the thoughtful choices of links. It is greatly appreciated. Your thanks and encouragement to keep commenting is quite helpful, as I often wonder about my from input half a world away.. I hope you are having a lovely weekend!!

    1. You're very welcome. I appreciate all the comments because without comments, it's just me whistling in the wind and I don't know if people are reading or not. I really love it though when I know that what I've written or linked to has been of help. So thank you for your comment. It made my day. And now I'm going to make lunch for my family - Hanno and me, Jamie, Jens and Cathy and visiting BIL from Germany, Peter. There's never a dull moments here. xx

  11. The link to “Where have the working class actors gone?” would normally not have gotten my interest. Last week I read two sets of information that greatly changed my understanding of the class system. Ruby Payne, A Framework for Understanding Poverty. 1996, pp. 42 – 43 and supporting information found at http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1883387/posts

    What was written gave me much food for thought and reflection of how humans interact with others and a different perspective for understanding what I read.

  12. Thanks for sharing the article about wasted food. It's just crazy. I know a young man who dumpster dives for food being tossed out by grocery stores, then posts the pictures of it on the internet. Mindblowing. I recently discovered a restaurant in the U.K. that prepares all its gourmet food from items rescued from dumpsters (they know it's illegal and expect to be shut down but are doing it as a type of protest).


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