Weekend reading

3 October 2014
Alex, Jamie and Opa watching Octonauts.

Happy second birthday to my beautiful grand-nephew, Johnathan!

I'm really savouring the last cool nights and warm days before summer turns up the heat. There is a lot to be done here. I'm finishing off my last book but there is also my daily housework so I generally settle into writing after that is done. I hope your home life is bubbling along nicely. Thanks for the wonderful comments left this week, friends. I'll see you again next week. Enjoy the weekend!

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Setting a budget for Christmas spending - this is a down to earth forum challenge for anyone who is trying to stick to a budget over Christmas.
eco thrifty living
A working life
20 steps to a frugal lifestyle
Amish hospitality
Knit lessons
High waisted baby overalls
Crochet basics - single, half double and slip stitch
32 favourite hair tutorials
How the creative process fits into life - get a cup of tea, it's long and interesting
Home Farmer featured articles - how to make a bee hotel, strawberry wine, chicken treats etc
Your nose knows death is imminent
Crazy cake designs in pictures


  1. Our grandsons love the Octonauts too!

  2. Gosh, your baby grandsons have turned into little boys! Lovely photo, Rhonda! Thanks for the links, I always look forward to your weekend reading suggestions! :) Love, Tina xxx

  3. Some interesting reading there, Rhonda. I just quickly read the article about losing one's sense of smell. Hmmm! Lovely photo of your boys. Definitely one for the photo album. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I can't believe Johnathan is 3, hope he has a great day. Love the photo of the 3 handsome boys watching TV

    1. I'm glad you don't believe it Deb because he's only two. When I read your comment, I realised I'd made a mistake. I've just change it on the blog. :- ) Oops.

    2. happens to us all Rhonda, however time slips away quickly & the littlies do grow fast (just not that quick ha ha). Have a lovely weekend

  5. Thank you for all the links, Rhonda! Have a lovely weekend, and Happy Birthday to Johnathon! That is really such the perfect photo of the three of them together. That is one to be cherished for sure!

  6. Lovely family pic there :-)
    I had a look at the article about losing your sense of smell before you die, and I had to laugh at the bit where it says it means death is imminent within five years. I don't call that imminent - lol! Interesting theory though. I've heard that the sense of hearing is the last thing to go when you are dying; carers in nursing homes have noticed that apparently.

  7. ..and then I read the article about creative processes. TWO HOURS later, I had decided to re open my blog, and have bookmarked another dozen blogs to keep up with - darn it!! Where am I going to find the time? There isn't enough time now to do all the reading, sewing, cooking, etc. that I want to do, let alone sleep :-0

    1. If it's important enough, you'll find the time. Your comment made my day, Gina.


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