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29 November 2013
Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends. May your day is full of family, friends and good food.

Quick Tip: If you need ice over the Christmas holidays and you have room in your deep freezer, start making ice now. Whether it be cubes or blocks of ice, you've got three weeks ahead to get it organised. I'm making two litre blocks using a tall 2 litre plastic container. The made blocks are stored in a plastic shopping bag.

I hope you all take the chance to slow down and rest over the weekend. I have a cold so I'll be doing what I need to feel better. See you next week.

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Fabulous Fashionistas - average age 80, Youtube 
Perfect lemon muffins
How to make baguettes at home - No-Knead method - YouTube
Wreath place cards
Elder flower marshmallows
Camping hacks that are borderline genius
14 famous internet cats who should never retire - if you need a little chuckle today, check this out. Number 11 is my favourite.

From comments here during the week
Levin loves to knit
It's all about perspective


  1. Thanks for the weekend reading list Rhonda, I always enjoy popping in on a Saturday to find interesting new places to go and people to read about. Are you enjoying this wonderfully unexpected rain? Timely for you to stay in and take care of your cold, hope you feel better soon.

  2. I'm currently living with a teeny tiny bar fridge. I can have ice-cubes if I want everything else in the fridge to freeze - alternatively I can have water cubes!

  3. Hi Rhonda - I hope that you get plenty of rest at the weekend and that you feel much better soon.

    Thank you for the lovely links above - I bought a tray to make French Baguettes last week and there was your link to the video on French Baguettes. It's a sign that I must make them over the weekend!!!! I'll let you know how they turn out!! Lx (Sourdough333)

  4. I thought my visitor counter was faulty on Thursday, but then I realized I was getting visitors via your site. Thanks for the mention in your comments of the week!

    I've enjoyed your posts since I found your blog a couple years ago. I appreciate your elevation of the art of homemaking. Hope your cold is over quickly--sending virtual chicken soup your way.



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