Hello world!

4 November 2013
The older I get, the more often I'm reminded of my own mortality. Hanno has very painful gout again. It came up out of the blue and has laid him low for the last couple of days. He has been prone to gout for many years and takes medication to lessen the chance of getting it but something triggered it again and the only thing to do is to keep weight off the foot, drink plenty of water and take the medication he's been given. He's got a walking stick, and that helps when he has to hobble in to go to the bathroom, but the main activity is rest. He doesn't like it at all. Luckily we had a visit from Kerry and Jamie and we all sat on the front verandah for a while to talk.

 Jamie with his many animals. When I ask how many animals he has, he always replies: "many".
Our meals were simple - this became coleslaw which we had with buttered herb pasta and sausages.
We had this on Saturday, chicken curry yesterday, with enough left for two more days.
This is how I do my ironing. I take my computer into the bedroom, where the ironing board is, and watch You Tube while I iron. On the weekend I watched 'Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner', a three part BBC series on the origin of mealtimes.

On this slow weekend, I've been watering the garden, cooking our meals, baking, getting glasses of water and cups of tea, ironing, reading, writing and knitting. As you know, I love resting but enforced rest is not as good and Hanno is an impatient patient. He needs scolding and reminding that's he's not 18, or 25, or 40, or 60 anymore. There are some wonderful things I love about getting older - I've developed a deeper understanding of myself and others. I see interesting linkages I never noticed before, or if I did, I didn't understand their importance. I am more tolerant and accepting. Nothing much phases me. If I see a problem, I fix it straight away. I always give a second chance, but never a third. I'm relaxed knowing that Jamie and Alex are my grandchildren and that they will carry on our genes. I'm settled and satisfied. I don't scare easily. My common sense has evolved and is thriving. I know I'm loved.

But on the other hand, when I look at Hanno and his swollen foot I am reminded that we are both wearing out. Our joints are not what they used to be, our bodies don't make the quick repairs of youth. Slowly we're approaching our 'best before' date. When you think about it, it doesn't matter how you live, what you do, how much money you have or who you know, every single one of us will grow old and die. If we're lucky. If we're not lucky we'll die earlier than we should and people will say, 'that's so sad'. I am hoping I've got another 20 or 30 years and that when I die they'll say 'she had a good innings'. But the truth is that even if I died tomorrow, I would feel satisfied and thankful that my life has brought me so much joy, that I've been surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends, and that for a little while I got to write to the world.

And now, it's Monday morning, another week of living ahead for all of us. Let's get on with it.