Writing, chores and thinking of Christmas

24 October 2013
We've had enough food posts for the week. Today I'm sitting back and writing about what ever comes into my head. It was a fairly tense day here yesterday spent thinking about my sister Tricia and her family who live in the Blue Mountains. They are in the towns badly effected by the catastrophic bush fires.  Yesterday was supposed to be the worst day when temperatures soared and the winds increased. Tricia had her car packed in case she had to be evacuated and she drove from Blackheath to Springwood to take her grandson home and help out in her son's shop. I spoke to her late yesterday afternoon and she was preparing to drive home. I hope I don't sound above myself but I wasn't surprised when I received a lot of emails from people wanting to know how Tricia and her family were going in the fires. Tricia, however, was amazed that she'd been remembered. She asked me to tell you that all those good wishes helped her a lot during those recent dark days. Such kindness does help when times are tough and I thank you sincerely for helping my family get through them.

Although I'm working on the Penguin ebooks, my mind keeps wandering to my daily chores and preparations for the coming months. I have household linens to sew soon. I started cutting out the napkins yesterday and I hope to get to them on the weekend. I promised Jamie two drawstring bags to keep his toy animals in so they're on my list as well. They are such small things but I feel I'm doing the right thing when I sew for my home. I have never seen anything in a shop that suits my home better than what I can make right here.

Our main meal is cooked for the next two days because I made a pastryless Angus beef pie yesterday and used all the old vegetables in the fridge. The top is mashed potato and pumpkin. I love it when I know I have the meals sorted and no cooking will be necessary. Then I can concentrate on making other things such as crackers and pickled eggs, that I hope to do on Saturday. I ran down my ice cube supplies last week so I have to remember to fill up the ice trays twice a day and keep the iced water jug full. When the weather is warm, everyone loves a glass of cold water.

On the wider front, I've almost finished organising my Christmas gifts. I'm not sure what we're doing yet, that will depend on when Shane and Kerry are working but I think we'll be travelling up to Gladstone just before Christmas, and having Christmas here. After a break for Christmas with my family, I'll be straight back to writing again to have the set of ebooks ready for my deadline. I'm very pleased to tell you that all these books will be available for international release so that will make it easier for you, particularly if you have an ebook reader. If you don't, ebook readers can be downloaded free for use on your computer.

And speaking of Christmas, I might start my Christmas baking on the weekend. I'm only doing a fruit cake this year. It will be full of dried fruits that have been soaked in brandy for a week or two. I'll start the soaking on the weekend.

Spring and summer are not my favourite seasons, I don't like the warmer weather but this year I've decided to be grateful that I'm healthy and breathing and just get on with it. If I have to live through hot days, I will think of all the best parts of summer, like the holidays, cold salads, frosty drinks and relaxing watching the cricket. If a few hot days are all I have to complain about, then I am living a charmed life.

What has been filling your days lately?