Weekend reading

11 October 2013
What a week we've had here. So busy, but productive and exciting as well. Our vegetable garden is starting to wind down with the early hot weather arriving so we've been trying to do a bit of seasonal work here in addition to our normal work. We hope to get another three or four chickens as two of our old girls died recently and we have another two the same age, and therefore not laying. If you know of anyone from Gympie to Brisbane who has some laced Wyandottes, Barnevelders or bantam sussex, I'd love you to pass on their contact number to me. Thanks.

This has just appeared on the wall of our favourite local restaurant, Daisy's Place.

Again, thanks for the support during the week. I hope I don't sound smug saying that I wasn't surprised that you were there to help me deal with the haters. I know the vast majority of us here are focused on a more positive life experience. If you want to continue commenting here, all you need to do is to get a google account such as a gmail account, and you'll be able to use that account to log into all google's various programs, such as this blog.  Google "google account" for more details. You can also comment using your LiveJournal, Wordpress, Typepad, OpenID or AIM password. When you have one of these accounts, simply choose the account from the drop down menu under my comment box and make your comment. I think you only have to do that once because the system will remember you. :- )

I hope you have time to relax after the week's work. I'll see you next week!

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From the comments here during the week