Weekend reading

18 October 2013
Hanno and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead. We are both fine and looking forward to some work and family time over the next couple of days. Thanks for your comments during the week. There is a beautiful community of like-minded souls here and we love sharing and learning as much as we can with all of you.

A short note to everyone who created a Google account so you could comment here. If you have a blog, please put a link to your blog up on your Google page. When I was looking for people to link to this week, I chose quite a number of you who have a Google account, the link takes me to your Circles pages but no further.  If you include a link I'll probably get around to linking to you for the Weekend Readings.  Thanks :- )

Nigel's various mayonnaise recipes
Happiness is joint bank accounts?
Spectacular photos of wildlife
From pigs to pork, an excellent blog about slaughtering pigs on a small farm.
Auburn Meadow Farm
Using manure in the garden
An urban veg patch
Baby hedgehog taken into care - if you need a smile today, or think things are getting tough, have a look at this.
Frontier House - episode 1 +

All things bright and beautiful
Cottage Tales
Frugal in Derbyshire